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Midnight Syndicate - Recruitment Drive.

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The Midnight Syndicate are currently recruiting PS3 members. We aren't aiming to be a massive crew with hundreds of members, we'd prefer to be a smaller, more tight-nit gang of around 30 members. We plan on doing a bit of everything, but getting rich whilst having fun is the main priority. There will be, and are plenty chances to advance within the hierarchy and those of lieutenant rank or above will be given the privilege of voting on crew policy, but ultimately every member has a say.


The great thing about being part of a smaller crew is that you instantly become a somebody rather than just another faceless goon among hundreds. Everyone within The Midnight Syndicate is considered an extremely valuable asset.



If you have any queries please feel free to contact me at:
Or contact The Midnight Syndicate leader, DoctorWoe at:


Thanks for taking your time to read this and we at Midnight Syndicate wish to see you very, very soon.

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Members are still being recruited, although we are almost at our quota. For those of you that wish to be a valued member of a crew, I suggest you sign up as soon as possible.

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Despite the fact that we have reached our original quota, we are still recruiting members so don't hesitate to join if you're looking to be a somebody rather than a nobody.

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