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Mr. Reaper.

Posting as raw code?

Recommended Posts

Mr. Reaper.


Not sure if I've titled this correctly but if there a way to post as we used to before.
I mean as in now once you insert an image whilst posting over editing you see the image rather than code.
Would their happen to be a option I'm missing here, if not could it be added?

Also, I have a question regarding image alignment.
If you look at my topic here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/579198-psn-%E2%98%A0-the-highway-reapers-mc-%E2%98%A0-recruitment/

You'll see an image actting as a header followed by three images Topic, Social Club and Portal.
Now these three images add up to exactly the same width as the image above and below.
It all looked perfect before the new update, how can I fix this?

Also, trying to post links with names is incredibly difficult now...

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OG Viking

What you mean is BB-code.


You can enable BB-code with the button in the upper left corner. It'll toggle BB-code and rich text.


Unfortunately, using BB-code disables all the formatting buttons.

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^ BB code is always enabled. You mean that you have to press that button to see the code.


Most of the codes that worked before should work now as well. Color and table codes seem to have changed though. If you have a picture link in your signature for example, you can change the link by double clicking it in the post or signature editor, or you can change the image by clicking on it and then clicking the image icon in the formatting options above.

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