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Exclusive Fansite Screenshots 9th Sept


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The new screen shot with the truck chasing the red car - i guess the other screen shot we have seen is linked




Dont even allude to leaked content

Edited by Deffpony
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seems like they started releasing more screenshots now. Half an hour ago that screenshot with Franklin, and now this. Maybe there is more to come today?

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Adding to the OP


What is that thing near the wheel ?


They are curb feelers, they let you know when you are close to the curb while parking, a bit old school lowrider tech.

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Hopefully they arent releasing everything today then nothing else for the rest of the week. Would be cooler if they would give us something new each day.


Its like crack. We will smoke it all up today then have major withdraw symptoms for the next 6 days.

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Oh I just remembered something. In GTA 4, you couldn't see explosions through glass either. I remember being on the Majestic and I would shoot the explosive tank by the barbeque and I wouldn't be able to see the explosion through the glass on the way down into the building. Go try it out.

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Jw2iCo6.jpgA lot of photoshop:E

The only thing I noticed was the sun flare effect. Otherwise look at the textures, it's the same. This is no way heavily touched up.

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