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Playing GTA V for the free roam

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I haven't free roamed as much until now due to the fear of disappointment, but I've already beaten the story twice, as well as a lot of the side activities. I'll be redoing the strangers mission as well.


I usually do the story first anyway to unlock most stuff so that I can have more fun in free roam.



But now I'm waiting to see if the IFruit stocks will ever drop so that I can do Lester's mission and I'm just starting to really goof off.

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I love exploring, but I dont kill for fun, just for purpose.


And I play GTA5 only for the Online-Mode coming soon :)

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When I first played GTA3 at a friends house I had no idea there were these things called missions, haha. I thought the goal was to just mess around, so when I bought my copy I didn't quite get doing missions at first.


These days I usually play the missions first so I can experience the map along with the story. After I'll free roam endlessly. Right now I'm hunting for hidden package/stunt jumps, a favorite of mine since forever.

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I just free roam haven't done any missions

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M'aiq the Liar

Both, I like the story because you unlock sh*t for free roam plus I actually like the story. But free roam is the big replay value part of the game.

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I love free roam. The missions really don't interest me, and I just want to tool about the area doing squiddly-boo, The more the merrier for that reason!


However, having JUST started the online part, I can't get past the 'get the drugs' job. With only one wee gun and not much ammo, I don't stand a chance and I keep getting wasted. I'd prefer to SKIP that altogether! Is there a way to just free roam right away, without the Lamar scene starting? Dagnabbit .. it's spoiling my fun.


---- update ----


Finally got past that danged drug pickup.

I've just bought my first garage in Paleto Bay, but I didn't look closely enough at the listing; I thought it was a little house, so imagine the disappointment to discover I wasted 26G that I can't get back.
All those races, store robberies, car sales .. bah!!

Got to do them all again.... I pick the store near the wind farm; drive straight from there to the train tracks and follow them to the tunnel; cops can't find you in there... tho' the store thefts aren't very much, maybe $500 ... and car selling is too infrequent to be that helpful. I join races and then just go by myself - I'm always first, and it gets up to 3G per race.


Note ~ the reason I'm always first is that I have no online friends yet. Anyone who wants to free roam (and isn't a murderous, arbitrary beast) please add me!



Edited by Kimbly

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