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Why does GTA 4 remove the fall off body's parts feature?

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In Gta 3 or gta Vice, it's kind of fun when you can shoot leg, or head, or hand fall off ped's body. It looks real when after an explosion, there's nothing left but body's parts. And in GTA 4, it's just added ragdoll feature but removed body's parts fall off feature. Does anyone know Why R* remove the fall off body's parts feature in GTA4? Will this feature return in the sequel game?

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If I am correct, only GTA III featured this "gore" element. In Vice City and San Andreas it was only possible to headshot someone. However, it was removed in some countries. Also the blood was removed from Vice City in some versions.


If GTA IV had that element, it would not have been released in some countries, I guess.

This content is a problem, especially in Europe.

The retail sales would probably have gone down. The "Hot Coffee" content was critical in the United States and so is violence in other countries.

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I'm not completely sure, but my guess is that flying body parts combined with the Euphoria engine would create a dreadful nightmare of spinning, astronautic, super limbs that fly all over the place and hit pedestrians in the face and stuff.


For explosions it might turn out okay, but it'd be weird seeing any other gun in IV take someone's body apart, and when only the explosions can strip a pedestrian of their limbs it starts to feel sort of restrictive.


The point is: it'd be weird.

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