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The Sniper Guy

Was LCS as good as other GTAs?

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`Black Widow

LCS definetly deserves "GTA" title in all terms I believe,it is basicly a re-created GTA III for PSP with much more refined gameplay, more interesting storyline with a protagonist that can talk, new side activities, character appearance options, stealable helicopters at least in missions etc.


VCS is a better innovation on VC though. I like VCS more. Atmosphere wise it is more up to me also.

Edited by `Black Widow

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I really loved Lcs ...the characters were awesome ...the plot was great..a classic Gta game.

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It was good, just the down fall was the story... i didn't really enjoy it


But other then that Toni felt more like a talking version of Claude.

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Don't know about that, but the game definietly has it's unique style.

There's a quite a difference between 3 LC atmosphere and Liberty City Stories, as for me.

And the storyline is one of my favorites.

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Penguin Bob

tbh, i thought LCS was a good game. It wasn't the best GTA but i liked it. And i enjoyed it. In fact, it was my first GTA and it got me to be a GTA fan like right now. I don't know why was it underrated.

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Its one of the weaker one's, especially in terms of story and characters. Toni was lackluster to say the least and his story wasn't engaging at all.

Not to mention it was lacking in terms of content, VCS was overall the superior game.

Edited by Journey_95

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iiCriminnaaL 49

Well, it isn't one of the best GTAs, maybe, but it's kinda good. Yeah, it's boring a bit, because of its dark theme... the theme song, atmosphere, etc, game has feeling of darkness, many gangs wear dark and black clothes... most of them are crime families as the game's theme is about the mafia, sounds dark and lil bit boring, reminds me of Batman xD


(Sorry for typing... kinda... out of topic:)

In the other side, VCS gives feeling like a so opened game, brightness, beautiful sky and sea, classic gangs, better missions, empire building, more helicopters (and maybe more bikes, don't remember, but LCS has bikes too, unlike GTA 3), etc - sounds cool and beautiful. But sadly, VCS (and LCS too for some point) is so underrated. I'm not even sure if they'll release an iOS version of it like LCS in 2015. Maybe because LCS and VCS were prequels (prequels as story counting, but as game releasing, sequels) for GTA LC (III) and VC and people don't want to get back to Liberty City and Vice City because they got bored? I don't know, but still LCS and VCS (especially VCS in my opinion, being the favorite game in the series after San Andreas) are so good.

To correct some parts of my previous comment;


The dark theme is actually a major part of III's and LCS' atmosphere, it isn't always boring, but I don't prefer it over the sunny/bright-y theme of VC and VCS.


However, I guess it just didn't come in the right time; because the previous GTA title was San Andreas, which had improved the GTA series with features like swimming, gangwars, purchasing houses, and more, and beside the fact that LCS misses such features, it seems to be an improved GTA III with a few features of SA and VC (bikes, a lot of weapons, nightstick, and wardrobe outfit).


It's a cool game to be honest, but still not as much as SA and VCS are. Its missions were kinda enjoyable, as well as it was the first GTA game to add the feature of sprinting with two-handed weapons.

Edited by Kane49

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