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Are you satisfied with the radio stations?

Recommended Posts


West Coast Classics. It's got all I ever need.

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WCTR with Lazlow is enough to satisfy me :)

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Of course

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It's really remarkable the bias some people have against all music that isn't exclusively made by straight white men with guitars. This soundtrack more or less covers every major genre of popular music but metalheads not only cry over the omission of one VERY NICHE kind of music, but basically try to argue that all other genres of popular music are somehow illegitimate based on some borderline-racist logic about the merits of playing a complicated guitar solo vs. nuanced electronic production that they have no clue what the f*ck they're even talking about.


I'm not sh*tting on metal because I personally think it's great and would have loved to see some in GTAV, but cut out all the anti hip-hop sh*t because you sound like a bunch of racist morons. I don't know if you've turned on top 40 radio in any city in America recently but EVERYONE listens to hip hop, not just the "wiggers and hoodrats".

no bias here i just think it's stupid to say one form of music is more or less creative or lacks the need FOR creativity when in reality it all requires it. Granted in my Opinion some music is just mind numbing....but it took creativity nonetheless. I will say that there are some amazing electronic sounds and some really cool Hip hop/rap beats.

Edited by Antigen

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I really like 95% of what I have heard. There are a few things I wish they included but they can't include everything. Black Flag my war is on there which will be great for rampages.

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Krispen Whah

Hopefully there is a custom soundtracks option. I would love to drive through the countryside and listen to Queens of the Stone Age.

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The radio is one of the things that disappointed me the most about IV- especially after the variety and fun of San Andreas. Buzzing across the listed songs and stations, I'm pretty hopeful. I'm hoping for some more recognizable country music- something of the "Amos Moses" fun quality. The electronica stations are pretty dope... do kids still say dope?

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I'm not satisfied, as all i've heard is hip hop, rap, country music and rock. How about something that people actually listen to...

Oh boy...

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yes. But I was also disappointed with GTA IV sound track at first...now I have bought almost every radio broker track.

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I am super excited.. Especially FLYLO FM. I can't wait to hear the talk stations.


This. Yeah, ever since 3, I've loved just driving around and listening to the talk stations. It's actually spilled over into my adult life where I now like talk radio more than music.

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Here my thoughts based on the not officially confirmed tracklists from GTA Wiki.


Radio Los Santos - I'm glad that the whole Black Hippy crew and Freddie Gibbs are featured but otherwise it's kind of generic and boring, I almost wish they were less focused on being so exclusively Westcoast and got a more interesting mix with some better Southern rappers.


Channel X - This is pretty much perfect, song selection wise it's the best station. Exactly what I was hoping for (although the band X is surprisingly absent). Lots of essential bands with some inspired and not-totally-obvious song selection either. Keith Morris really nailed it.


Rebel Radio - Don't know anything about country music but I did fall in love with many songs from K-ROSE and I feel like the same will probably happen here. The sampler had me very intrigued, can't wait to drive through the desert listening to this.


East Los FM - This one just seems all over the place. I enjoyed some of the more traditional Mexican songs, the mariachi-type stuff. The music they used in the website sampler was really annoying and doesn't really fit with some of the other (IMO better) songs on this station.


West Coast Classics - Essential Los Santos listening, you really couldn't do this game without it. They managed to keep it fresh by not covering too much of the same material as San Andreas, although I'd rather they didn't use songs from Chronic 2001. Way too obvious in my opinion.


FlyLo FM - On one hand, there's too many Flying Lotus tracks, on the other hand, Aphex Twin's Windowlicker is on this station. I feel like it's going to be the station that's sort of just mediocre for the most part but occasionally something brilliant will be playing and I'll freak out.


Vinewood Blvd Radio - A better, more garage-y version of Radio Broker. So many people complaining that their favorite corporate rock band from 20 years ago isn't in the soundtrack need to listen to this and shut up because it's great. Also my roommates band is in it.


Los Santos Rock Radio - When this game was first announced I said "there better be a yacht rock station", and it basically came true. All the smooth 70's and 80's classics that I heard in my parents car, a nice change from the more hard edged Liberty Rock Radio. Steve Winwood's Higher Love is my f*cking jam.


Non Stop Pop - This is really going to depend on what song is playing, I feel like it will provide some of the best musical moments along with some of the worst. GTA hasn't really had a pop station since Flash FM and it's definitely needed but some of these songs are just not good.


Soulwax FM - Full disclosure I work in this genre of music and personally know a lot of the artists featured on this station so I'm basically obligated to say this is my favorite but at the same time I have very strong opinions about this sort of music and feel like I could have done better in some ways. So yeah, it's okay.


The Blue Ark - Not a big reggae fan but this is definitely a step up from that god damn Bob Marley station from GTAIV. Again, a station with a mix of old and new, where I found the latter much less enjoyable than the former. I recognized a lot of the older songs from hip hop samples.


Worldwide FM - Really excited to hear this one in game and see how it plays out. I'm a big Gilles Peterson fan and the track list is intriguing, it seems like it's got the same vibe as The Journey from GTAIV but a little more pop friendly variety and not as much brooding weirdo stuff.


The Low Down - Best celeb radio DJ goes to The Low Down, for sure. 70's Funk and Soul, pretty fantastic stuff all around. The Trammp's "Rubberband" was sampled by The Game in "Hate It or Love It" which is the only good song he has ever made. Marlena Shaw's "California Soul" is a perfect song choice.


Radio Mirror Park - Obligatory hipster station. Some of this stuff is a bit too wannabe 80's synth pop for my taste but I guess that's what the kids like these days. I like the band YACHT and that "Sleepwalking" song from the trailer was alright even though I thought it was by M83. Basically this station is a bunch of bands that I think sound like M83.


The Space - Rick James, Stevie Wonder, and Evelyn King?! For everyone that whines about how Vice City had the best music and that GTAV, despite being set in 2013, need to have ALL 80's music, this station is basically for you and you can relax now.



Overall I'm very satisfied with the music in the game. Obviously there are genres of music and songs that I would have personally loved to see that aren't going to be included but you can't judge a soundtrack for what isn't in it. Based on what's actually here, it's really, really great.

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I'm very satisfied, West Coast Classics FTW.

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Going down the list, here are my thoughts on each station.

  • Radio Los Santos: Not particularly a fan of modern rap, and the songs on here don't do much to change my impressions of it, so I don't know how much I'll be listening to this station.
  • Channel X: Classic West Coast hardcore punk? Oh hell yeah. This is definitely gonna be my "rampage" music.
  • Rebel Radio: I've never been a fan of country music, but going by this preview, maybe that has to do with the state of modern country (it really has gone "sissy" if you ask me). This sounds pretty interesting.
  • East Los FM: Another genre that I've never really been a fan of, but again, some interesting stuff in the preview.
  • West Coast Classics: N.W.A. Snoop Dogg. Tupac. Compton's Most Wanted. Everything that I want in a classic LA rap station. Unlike Radio Los Santos, this is probably gonna get a lot of airplay from me.
  • FlyLo FM: It's a shame about Nightride FM turning out to be just a rumor, because Drive's soundtrack was one of the best things about that movie, but this looks promising. Pretty weird, though.
  • Vinewood Boulevard Radio: Sounds like it's gonna be this game's version of Radio Broker, with its indie alt-rock, only less hipster-oriented. So far, so good.

As for the other stations that we haven't had previews of...

  • Los Santos Rock Radio: Big fan of classic rock, and given the two tracks we've heard from the trailers, I think this is gonna be good.
  • Non-Stop-Pop FM: This could go either way. It largely depends on which songs they pick, but in any case, I'm surprised that GTA hasn't had a modern pop music station yet. In any case, doing drive-bys while blasting Britney sounds like one of those things that GTA should've had a long time ago.
  • Soulwax FM: Didn't really like Electrochoc in IV, so I don't think I'll be listening to this all that much. At least it's not dubstep.
  • The Blue Ark: Again, I can't really get into reggae no matter how hard I try, so I think I'll be skipping over this station more often than not as well.
  • Worldwide FM: In IV, The Journey was inexplicably one of my favorite radio stations. If this is anything like that, I think I'll be listening to it quite a bit.
  • The Low Down 91.1: Oh yeah. '70s soul and funk is always great.
  • Radio Mirror Park: Not sure about having another indie rock station. Hope that, when the preview goes up, it's different enough from Vinewood Boulevard Radio to really stand out.
  • Space 103.2: You had me at Rick James and Stevie Wonder.
  • WCTR and Blaine County Talk Radio: I'm guessing that Blaine County Talk is gonna be like WKTT's right-wing talk radio format, while WCTR is gonna be like PLR. They both sound like fun, though I can't say for certain until I hear samples of shows.

Only thing I think the soundtrack really lacks is metal music, but even then, I'd rather it be '80s hair metal and thrash than the modern metal that a lot of you guys are suggesting. Given the nature of LA's real-life metal scene, that would fit the setting a lot better than anything European. I also wish that one of the indie rock stations was instead devoted to High Desert stoner rock. I recall someone bringing it up in another thread on what kind of radio stations they want, and after listening to some of it, it would've been the perfect soundtrack for Blaine County when you're not in the mood for outlaw country.


Overall, it looks good. I'm a fan of rock music, so despite the lack of metal, the diversity otherwise -- hardcore punk, garage rock, classic rock (Queen!), and presumably more to come -- looks like it'll be fun. The rap selection is a mixed bag, but West Coast Classics alone salvages most of it for me.

I agree with this. Completely.

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It's missing an electronic/EDM station. :(


The station wouldn't even have to play dubstep, since people here hate it so much, but even some oldschool Jungle, house, progressive house, electro house, Dub, DnB, etc, etc...


The rest of the stations seem pretty fine though.





Fear not. Soulwax is going to be an edm station :sly:

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The Space seems interesting! Dont know a lot about that station.

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