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But you'd have to say the bloke deffs has done a pretty good job making it feel all convincing and what not!

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Not really, considering the Xbox background is wrong. It should be the bikini girl if it's the same as PS3.

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Except the guide would never have one protagonist on it. It is always the game cover or game logo on the guide.

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The artwork seems to be of a different, flat lighting, the noise over it doesn't seem consistent with the rest of the photo and it seems to be much too sharp, especially on the Franklin insert. Who knows though, ha.

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I will just say one thing, eb games where i am have the game in stock, i received a email saying that the products are waiting to be processed for shipping to my front door, but they need to speak with me first as its my first time ive dealt with eb games to confirm my details.

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They missed a crucial part, the design at the top of the 360 disk is a design that was retired in 2010 I believe.

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Well if you knew it was fake why the bloody hell would you post it anyway?????
They got the two disc right at least. lol

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Im going to go out on a limb and say that picture of the game and case are real. Its 10000000% possible people have this game now and Im going to call this "Plausible".



Doesnt mater if it is true or not anyway, because we still dont have the game. and 99% of us wont have it till official release.


But if you want something to feel good about, He most likely has a tiny penis. Seriously, look how tiny his thumb and pinky are. He may laugh at us because we dont have the game yet, but we can laugh at him because while we dont have the game yet, we will have it soon. And he will always have a tiny penis.

Edited by Pizentu
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