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*spoilers* Favourite Main Antagonist?

Favourite antagonist?  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Favourite main antagonist?

    • Catalina
    • Sonny Forelli
    • Ricardo Diaz
    • Officer Frank Tenpenny
    • Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris
    • Vinnie
    • Massimo Torini
    • Jerry Martinez
    • Mendez Brothers
    • Dimitri Rascalov
    • Jimmy Pegorino
    • Billy Grey
    • Wu "Kenny" Lee
    • Ray Bulgarin

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From the 3D and HD universes, who is your favourite main antagonist? It doesn't have to be the one who you think was the nicest, but simply the one who you liked the most.

Personally, my favourite was Officer Tenpenny. He's just so evil I can't help but love him.

WARNING: If you haven't yet looked at the poll (which is unlikely), please note that some of the antagonists are friends that turn into enemies by the end of the game, which are spoilers. You have been warned.

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Well from me It''s Dimitri from the HD era. He's unloyal and evil at times like when he send Niko that picture of Roman in Hostile Negotiation. And from the 3D era well maybe Tenpenny. He forced CJ to do many thinks and I like his voice(Samuel Jackson). But so far Dimitri for me.

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f*cking Dimitri without a doubt. He was a psychopathic murderer too clever to make his hands dirty. I like the fact how he befriended with you, playing nice guy, the good cop and calm side of the duo, only to become your worst nightmare, calling you from time to time only to anger you more, while still using his calm voice. "I am very disappointed Niko Bellic" and so on. He wasn't angry, he wasn't threatening you on the phone, yet every call from him makes your blood go faster. One of the best antagonists in GTA and one of the best overall.

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dimitri by a distance he was a sly intelligent sociopathic backstabber aka the perfect antagonist. tenpenny was a good antagonist also but without samuel l jackson he would be nothing special.

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