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Neogaf Ign/r* Bashing

Recommended Posts


To be honest GTA IV did score higher reviews than it deserved.


But the point some neogaf users are missing regarding these previews, is that sites like IGN get their money from site traffic. GTAV is one of the biggest releases that you'll find, and if IGN sh*t all over it in their preview, they simply won't be given the chance again to preview a R* game next time.


So R* aren't throwing cash at people like IGN for good press, the press just write favourable things in order to get access.


However, so far there's no reason to believe that these previews are misleading. By this point with GTA IV, we already knew the game was smaller and had less things to do than SA, even before it was out. This time, GTA V actually looks like it holds up to the praise it's been getting.


Yes, that last point is key. Good post. I don't see any reason to doubt R*, IGN is just doing what they've always been doing. I don't mind.

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neogaf, IGN - they are both sh*t on the bottom of my shoe.

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Actually i have an account there myself. The positive thing is that you can participate in any discussion without the fear of any troll stepping aside. There's high quality because they have extremely strict moderating there. Moreover, the average dudebro can't sign up there, because you need a paid e-mail adress (like the one your ISP gives you).

The negative is that you'll always see their "norm" in full effect when a topic about any mainstream game pops-in. Which is really irritating seeing a tread ruined by hipster-alternative-otaku-elitists.

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Well DUH isnt it obvious.

You really think R* would let them continue there "Week of GTA" If the preview was in any part negative?

Lmaoo its obvious practices that have been happening for years, If IGN suddenly pointed out negative elements R* would pull their dea with IGN.


People on here at licking rockstars nuts to even realize shoddy practices in the media, same goes for other companies.

Happens with a lot of "major" games.

You missed my point. Entirely.

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No respected JOURNALIST gets paid to do a review by the very same people providing the content being reviewed. Anything they say ends up in a cloud of doubt.

LOL at the people here bashing another forum for being elitist douchebags. Neogaf may very well BE those all of those things, but this forum isn't exactly widely respected by the internet community for being intelligent, unbiased or well spoken.

Neogaf didn't say anything negative about GTAV in THIS particular thread, and were simply pointing out that IGN was PAID by Rockstar. I'm sorry, but if that is true, IGN SHOULD be ashamed of themselves if they consider themselves journalists.It doesn't matter if others do it too. That sounds like a childish defense which is no better than what everyone here is saying about Neogaf.

I ALSO found IGN'S statements about GTAV to be WAY over the top in terms of hype, ESPECIALLY after being much less enthusiastic about their views in earlier previews. So WHAT if Rockstar is giving them exclusive info for the week, IGN could still act like honest journalists.

For the record, I believe that GTAV is looking like the greatest game of all time, but I can STILL see how cringeworthy the ass kissing by IGN has been in this weeks "previews".

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The excessive gushing over the most basic game elements (shooting, for instance) is beyond anything I've seen from any GTA fan here or on any other site. This is what I'm referring to:


I could feel the sensation rip through my hands as they shake. Flashes accompanied the sound of death, steering directly into the hearts of my foes. Each bullet was accompanied by the calming 'ping' of the bullet casing hitting the ground, almost Newtonian in execution. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and when that action is death, corpses quickly litter the streets. 30 bullets, many dead. My hands are still shaking


I mean, really?

I wasn't even that excited when I first shot a Galil, without ever witnessing a gun being fired before.

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So Neogaf is full of serious people ha?!

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I'm a regular member of NeoGAF, and for the most part, people seem extremely positive about GTA5, with a lot of excitement and hype going down in the GTA5 threads. It's just IGN they don't really like, which is unsurprising as IGN are the equivalent of a sensationalist tabloid newspaper.


And of course, you get the odd person being negative about GTA5, but NeoGAF is not a hive mind. It is thousands upon thousands of individuals, with differing opinions on everything. Some are louder than others, sure, but no opinion is "disallowed".

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