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Someone you know could suddenly disappear for a year and come back babbling gibberish.



Last seen in the Los Santos & Blaine County area, have you seen these people?

Believed abducted by The Epsilon Program...





People think it's only teenage runaways, middle-aged virgins and creepy high-school loners who fall victim to cults, but it can happen to anyone. Including you or your loved ones. Someone you know could suddenly disappear for a year and come back babbling gibberish.

Most people don't realize they're in a cult until it's too late. You start off excited about some better way to live, then progress to worshipping some drug-ravaged sexagenarian psychopath, then progress to worshipping the penis of some drug-ravaged sexagenarian psychopath.
One day you're smoking weed and knitting clothes in a utopian rural community; then suddenly it's 14 years later and you're standing in the middle of a burning barn with a cup of poison in your hand screaming "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!!" at the top of your lungs while people chant outside.
Cultstoppers can help. We've been there. Stay alert for our full site launch coming soon.




I hope we have to find them. Dynamic locations would be even better so you have to search again when playing through it a second time.
thanks to Haylee Quinn for the Info :^:

HayleeQuinn, on 10 Sept 2013 - 12:47 AM, said:snapback.png

Hey dudes!

Miilan2010 directed me here and I thought I'd add a couple things for ya.

Here's all of us alongside our characters.

Joscha hasn't been on my radar social-network wise, but I'll link you to the ones I do have (if you don't have 'em already.)


Jesse: https://twitter.com/anacanapana

Ameer: https://twitter.com/ATheSneakerHead

Myself: https://twitter.com/HayleeQuinnn

(thanks whoever posted my Twitter already!) Somebody had made a fake account of me, (@HayleeQuinn) and was sorta spreading some false info about the game.


Tiana: @narnabear

Ameer: @the_meerkat

Jesse: @anacanapana

Myself: @hayleehendricks


I'm happy to answer any questions anybody may have, if I CAN answer them. I know about as much as everyone else when it comes to the role or significance of our characters. And thanks for the compliments! Haha


Edited by iNero
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Guess so. Just hope we have to search them


I reckon itll be a mission for sure. If it was an extra random mission that would be amazing!

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    And hell yeah an australian is in the game!

I remember when we kicked Australia's a**! :lol:

I wonder if it's possible that we get kidnapped by these fruit loops?

Edited by AtomicPunk
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I guess there's gonna be a mission where we'll have to deal with that mysterious Epsilon guy, and those missing characters are pretty much related to all of these stuff.

Edited by Tilemaxx
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who fell for the rhetoric of a charismatic man at the end of the 1970s


This seems to all be based on the People's Temple Cult that over 900 people commited suicide by drinking poisoned Kool-Aid [actually generic flavor aid] in 1978.


Here's a link to the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonestown Massacre

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2 bad the forums didnt know of the contest 4 this. was an open call in june on instagram. these ppl are the winners. source: @atsneakerhead


ot: the board looks awesome. :^:

Edited by seVensantos
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These are supposed to be modelled on real people am I right?


However the first and second men look pretty familiar:


First one looks like Walt from Breaking Bad: https://www.google.c...ASAbRz_e-Wvd0M:


And the second looks like Russell from SouthLand: https://www.google.c...sell%2F;300;211


What do you guys think?..


afaik these are normal people. no famous persons.

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