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Hands On Previews: September


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PM me with any summaries you've written!




Publication Language
GTAV.net Summary English
IGN UK Hands On English
IGN Video Hands On English
JeuxActu French
GamesAktuell German
PCGames.de Video German
PCGames.de German
Special Thanks to gtamad8, iNero and Indi for their summaries!
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Damn Damn Damn,..

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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What the heck...

That is f*cking awesome


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Quote by IGN:


"Never mind November; I suspect the next generation will start when GTA V says it is does."


Can't believe this comes from IGN. tounge.gif




"The distinction between GTA V and GTA IV’s vehicle handling is immediately clear; carving my way through the throngs of 18-wheelers the low-slung supercar feels more sure-footed and grippy than similar models in GTA IV. It’s more responsive, but without erring towards feeling too superficial or light."


I like that bit a lot.

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Looking forward to the summary on Gtav.net. btw i see that pcgames played the 360 version.

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So the special ability is activated by pushing both analog sticks.

Good to know.

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i guess the game is about to leaked anytime now... i don't mind of watching some free roaming but damn i hope i can stop myself from watching the missions gameplay.


we're almost there my friends... cool.gif

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