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Play with no hud/info on screen


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Hey i got a small glitch ( i doubt no1 ever tried but ill say anyway ), buy yourself a ticket on the airport and when you in cutscene ( plane takes of ) u use the destroy all vehicles cheat. Now you wasted and when back to life ( hospital ) you will see 2 black stripes up and down at u screen ( just as in fly cutscene ). You cant press star you dont see map + guns or health, you cant even see your crosshair or auto aim. I didnt try start mission but you cant see any info nor save so if you can do missions with this trick you can see it as an insane difficulty cuz you dont know where to go and if police is chasing you. This is all pretty useless unless you want things to be extremly hard, you can get back to normal by start and end/quite the parademics missions ( probally more but i didnt test it ).

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Cheatless way is when you are on police chase then go to girlfriend look around for cop appear on foot, then if he is near your car/bike start a date then he will jack you off and you see busted sign, then spawn on nearest police departament with "Cinematic View" stucked On, to disable it you might start new date or any story mission or fly with plane that what ^ saying on, actually i saw it someone posted it on yt 6years ago. But date glitch i dont know i found it randomly lol,

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Ah i already thought someone knew/posted but didnt know how to search ( what word, like search planeticked ? ) so i posted it, nice you got an alternative way to do the same trick but the planeticked one is easier + can do anytime ( ofcourse need unlocked 2nd city ) but your way is cheatless so that might be preffered by some people ( but its a small trick just use cheat and dont save game )

Edited by Aintgottime2bleed
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