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The No FAP thread to end all No FAP threads


Recommended Posts


**The NO FAP thread to end ALL No Fap threads**


Sick of scrolling through Ellen Waterfields holiday pictures for the third time that day. Finding the cheeky bum shot with a bit of cheek and spilling yourself onto the carpet. Well no more!!!. As of today I am going to begin my no FAP journey and you my dear readers will have the honour of witnessing this voyage. My first goal will be to last until this saturday. I am going out then and want to see if my excess horniness effects my ability to get and maintain genitalia. If I suceed at not fapping till saturday then I will try and last until the next saturday, and then the one after that, and the one after that. And all will go on until I either give in and fap or ascend to a higher state of conciousness. So without further ado let us begin.


Orbitalraindrops 29/08/2013


"What happens when you drop a male rat into a cage with a receptive female rat? First, you see a frenzy of copulation. Then, progressively, the male tires of that particular female. Even if she wants more, he has had enough. However, replace the original female with a fresh one, and the male immediately revives and gallantly struggles to fertilize her."



^ That's what is happening to you when you constantly watch porn. Every click of the mouse is another female that you mentally mated. Repeat this for 10 videos, 10 partners ... and all of a sudden you have no urge/motivation to pass on your genes via clappping real cheeks.



For all you brahs that have tried it the right way (no porn, no edging, no fapping) and STILL haven't experienced any changes in mood levels, confidence, motivation etc... this doesn't apply to you. You don't have to come in here and discredit what I say or discourage anyone from trying. Placebo or not, this stuff has worked and will continue to work for people with the will power and discipline to go on this route.



Originally Posted by yourbrainonporn.com

For you, rats, and all mammals, the desire to have sex arises from a neurochemical called dopamine. Dopamine amps up the centerpiece of the primitive part of the brain—the reward circuitry. It’s where we experience pleasure, and where we get addicted.


The ancient reward circuitry compels you to do things that further your survival and pass on your genes. At the top of our human reward list are food, sex, love, friendship, and novelty. These are called ‘natural reinforcers,’ as opposed to addictive chemicals.


The evolutionary purpose of dopamine is to motivate you to do what your genes want you to. The bigger the squirt the more you want something. No dopamine and you just ignore it. Chocolate cake and ice cream—a big blast. Celery—not so much. Sex and orgasm are the biggest natural blast of dopamine available to your reward circuitry. One of dopamine's nicknames is the "molecule of addiction."



Here's a personal account of this guy's No Fap journey/transformation


Day 1


...Today was my first day of no PMO.


I have been masturbating since 15/16 years old. I have been watching porn since 3/4 grade. I am 23 years old.


I didnt really think I had an addiction till someone posted the yourbrainonporn.com link on a forum I frequent. Porn has always just kind of been there...


Day 12


...I went to the library two days ago and approached two girls. I never do that unless I'm at the club. Even then it takes a lot effort for me to do it. The first one I got her number (she was really cute and had a really kind personality) and the second one had a serious boyfriend but she was still flirting with me the entire time. I don't know what came over me. I saw them, got up from the computer desk, and approached them like it was second nature. When I finished talking to them, I have to admit I felt really proud of myself and happy. It was a huge adrenaline rush lol....


I have also been really introspective. Normally when I am around women I feel intimidated or looking for one that will give me attention or I will look for one that is down to do the dirty. So basically I used to have three categories of experience with woman-

1. Who is down to do some things? If so, pleaasseee give me attention. You maybe? You? How about you?

2. Intimidation. I used to feel really intimidated by woman. I would feel weak and inadequate. Like I did not stack up to them.

3. I am a man and I am higher than you in a very a$$hole way.


Now it's..........equal. I don't want anything from them. I am enjoying myself and just being me. I usually have to go to a doctors office and the woman staff there have been...dare I say it?....nicer to me. My voice is deeper and I have a more commanding presence. I feel separate from everyone elses drama.


Day 43


Hey guys, hope everyone is well.


I've been feeling great. The more I resist the urge to M the better I feel. For example, if I have a super horny night and resist it I wake up the next morning feeling amazing.


~I have a lot more courage


~I speak with a lot more clarity and control


~People and their issues don't bother me as much. I just allow them to be who they are


~I can hold eye contact with women


~Men respect me more. This has been really noticeable


~I feel like a man. Just this inner confidence...I feel like a rock


~I am not as groggy when I wake up


~I find myself meditating without even trying. I just go within and feel super great


~I hardly get nervous about anything. Just relaxed confidence


~My circle of friends and associates have been looking at me differently. Its like they can sense something different but they can't put their finger on it


~My face looks brighter and I don't look as tired as I used to. I feel and look a lot more alert


~Life feels more...real. There is a certain quality of it....

Originally Posted by P4yn3 View Post

Do women really notice you more?


that right there is the ultimate motivation...

TBH, I thought that was bull**** at first. But I really do notice it more. Perhaps it's the fact that you don't have an ounce of self consciousness in you, better posture, better facial complexion, who knows? who cares?


The thing I'm trying to get at is... ALL of these are potentially placebo effects, but in the event that it's actually not, what did you really had to lose to get here? Nothing... it's not like you're paying for a supplement that might or might not work with no credible studies done.


If you want to go back to fapping, go ahead.. But there's a reason why people can't seem to stop (myself included since I was 13). Fapping is an addiction modern society deemed normal. But take control of your own life and don't let that urge get to you.


"This is not how free and powerful men live. Control your vices or they will control you."






If you really think about it, unlimited/free porn has only been available recently (relatively). Perhaps you see more socially awkward kids / more betas because of the readily available material which demotivates everyone to do anything great (as it drains their motivation levels). Yes I do believe that all motivation is is just your energy, and if you choose to expunge it all via fapping, then that's on you.


You know that feel you get once a week where you feel so motivated to be successful in life? When you're on like day 5-7... that **** is constant. You constantly want to improve. Broscience/placebo or not, it works for me



Personally, I wouldn't say I have confidence problems... or issues holding eye contact for that matter, but it is definitely an extra boost when you're on that no fappy time. It's almost like nothing else matters, all your social interactions are so outcome-independent and you just dont give a fuarkk.


Here's a cool series




Broscience? Perhaps. But you're giving up 3-8 seconds of pleasure, and a ton of time wasted whacking it for many potential broscienic results. What do you got to lose?












Originally Posted by AbWarsame View Post

Once you break through the two week hurdle you begin to feel like superman, it's absolutely amazing.


More energy, more confidence, better at everything you do, more alert to the little things in life and overall always in a better mood.


You literally become the best possible version of yourself.

Here's an account from a female

I said I was going to try and not have sex or masturbate well last night I ended up having sex and let me tell you 20 days without masturbating HIGHLY improved sex for me. I was unable to climax before due to my excessive masturbating but I reached climax at least twice last night while having sex. So if you don't know why you are doing this, I would just say hell do it to improve your sexual experience.. I'm still going to try to maintain my no schlicking cause it really made me appreciate sex that much more.


There will be those of you that know exactly how fulfilling this is. There will be those that are excited to give this a shot because the rewards sound too good to be true. And then there are those that come in, and dismiss it for something that's all in your head... but what you have to give up in return (fapping) is really not that big of a deal (ESPECIALLY for you brahs that are getting laid anyway)


50 years ago, if you masturbated, you're weird.

Today, you're weird if you dont.


Change that **** around brahss. People hide behind the social norm that it's absolutely OK to do it. But be the better man than your peers and use the energy they will never have. This stuff is like IIFYM. I don't care if no one knows about it, it personally benefits me and makes my life a heck of a lot easier. But I feel an obligation to aware my misc brahs so let's do this...

Edited by orbitalraindrops
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But if what you said is what I think you said, then you get my support.

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bash the fash m8s 

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I think this whole no fap thing has a placebo effect on people. But hey if you think it makes a difference then go for it.

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Eeeeeehhh, no thanks tounge.gif


*My body controls me, and I don't control it*

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Real men don't fap, they have sex with their minds.

f*ck yeah!

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I tried this a few times. You feel great for the first couple days you do it and your life quality feels great too, but I didn't stick to it long enough to be able to tell whether it was a placebo or not. confused.gif


I will tell you that it's going to be a lot harder than you think it is, even before the blueballs and random boners start, especially if it's your first time and you fap daily. Make a plan to deal with cravings or you're definitely going to give up. Your brain is great at giving up on stuff like this.

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I can go like 3 days without fapping easy and I feel good within myself. But when it gets to like afternoon seshs with the porn up I just lose all motivation. It makes sense though. Masturbation only serves to make yourself feel good. At least sex with a partner is creating a bond between two people. At least you can create life through it. Enjoy another person. Aint nothing to enjoy about your hand.


Imagine the energy as well. I'll have all this sexual energy which I previously used for fapping and porn. I could redirect it towards art, relationships and physical exercise. Or I can watch as someone gets double penetrated and jizz into a tissue. It'll be a good challenge in the least. To see how long I can go and hey I'm all for new experiences.

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I think this whole no fap thing has a placebo effect on people. But hey if you think it makes a difference then go for it.

Agreed, I went several months without fapping before and didn't feel any different.

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I've tried it before but if anything, I have the opposite happen. It just makes me more edgy and more anxious. Then when I do finally and inevitably give in, it just means I cum bucket loads and will probably make a mess of the carpet.

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Clem Fandango

Masturbation is totally healthy, I don't see how stopping is going to make you happier or more confident. That's just ridiculous.

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So because of faping you can drain your energy so you won't hove none for other activities? Bunch of spiritualistic bullsh*t dozingoff.gif .

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There's nothing wrong with fapping. The kind of people that flock to the No Fap trend are usually looking for an "easy fix" to help cure their sh*tty social skills and luck with girls. Instead of No Fap, go workout, improve yourself, actually talk to girls in real life, stop staying home as a shut in etc. Seriously, those things will help a lot more in the long run.


Stop wasting your time on bro science.

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I do all of that already, I just want to see if this helps me in any way at all. This aint a quick fix, It's an experiment and there's quite a few positive testimonies from it. Can't hurt to try.

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I do all of that already, I just want to see if this helps me in any way at all. This aint a quick fix, It's an experiment and there's quite a few positive testimonies from it. Can't hurt to try.

It's a placebo effect dude. You're honestly better off doing something else to improve your life.

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I've refrained myself from masturbating in the past, not because I read something like this, just to see how it goes, well, didn't make much of a difference except that sometimes urinating with all the wasted cum in it wasn't any fun. We produce a lot of sperms already, why not let them flow away happily?

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Even if its a placebo if it helps it helps. I masturbate too much. I want to try not doing it for a while.

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I didn't masturbate for 6 months once, can't say I saw any difference apart from my bed always used to be sticky in the morning.

user posted image
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I quit a couple weeks before I got a girlfriend, because the only reason i did it was lonely/bored. Im holding up pretty well, and i feel way better .


Don't ruin it for him if its actually plecebo.

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@Azriel. Same here, I'd rather beat off into a tissue or in the shower then wake up with my underwear soaked in jizz.

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Even if its a placebo if it helps it helps. I masturbate too much. I want to try not doing it for a while.

Then this is the solution for your problem:


user posted image

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