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Slow PC Performance

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A few weeks backs, a sudden electric cut messed up my two hard drives, so they had to be replaced with just one but bigger hard drive (2tb) as well as the Windows 7 reinstalled (aka, I lost every program). However, now the pc seems to work much slower, even if I don't have even a 20% of the programs and files I had before it crashed. Small processes use a lot more memory than before. I'm trying using Advanced System Care turbo boost, like I used to, but nothing.


The most notable example is GTA, which, before the crash I had almost fully modded without almost any problems and now, with less mods, I lose textures and a lot of crap doing the less thing.


I don't really know what's going on here, if the guys of the shop where it was "fixed" are useless and have messed my PC even more or what, but this is really bothering me.


PS: my PC, when starting up does some odd noise (which also did before the crash), could this be a problem?

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Most large size HDD like 2TB are used for storage, so they run at a slower speed.

The noise coming out from your PC before it crashed, was the performance of your system faster

than it is now?

What is the model of your new HDD?

Edited by Stinky12

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Yeah, the performance was faster, not as much as when I initially got it (in fact I had had a virus, which I removed that might had been slowing down the performance). Anyway, that sound, I guess it's a vibration or something so, had been sounding before the crash though now sounds higher.




I think this is the model of the new HDD:






Also, I've been checking the pc and it says that from 8gb RAM, I just can use 3,25.

Edited by RoadRunner71

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Who ever install it, did not install the correct OS platform. They install 32 bit instead of 64 bit, 32bit max ram is 4GB, 8GB needs 64bit.

The HDD they install is the faster one so that may not be the problem, run the Seatools diagnostic and see if the HDD is faulty or not.

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Fozzy Fozborne

Try running Atto Benchmark on your hard drive. The result should be a rather consistent 80-100+ MB/s. If it is then the drive is functioning perfectly fine.


But yeah, you're going to want to install a 64-bit version of Windows 7 on there to use all of your RAM. This leads me to believe the people who worked on your computer were less than stellar. After you reinstall Windows, be sure to install all of the latest drivers, which they probably didn't do.

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Oh I noticed that something wasn't right in some programs with the 64bits. Honestly I don't think I'm going to reinstall windows, at least for now. I think that someone has just lost a customer suicidal.gif


I'll use that program too.


Thank you for your help, guys.


EDIT: used the Benchmark and everything seems to be fine.

Edited by RoadRunner71

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