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Shine o' Vice


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There will be one pickup which triggers wardrobe like Stories

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Edited by SaL_Leone
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Ultra Construction site RELOAD ingame. Building accords to constr site as much as possible. LODs also included.



I am really liking that building.. A lot I might hire your services m8


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Hi, I ran into a problem. None of the player positioning tools (that I know) work for me anymore.

I was always using Steve-m Player Position v1.3 because it's very easy to use. I temporaly replaced my .exe with another (limit hack) and noticed that player pos tool doesn't work anymore - shows VC not running. Then I returned the old .exe (backup), but the tool still doesn't work. I tried other tools like previous versions of this one, rotation tool or VC ultimate trainer - none of them work. Any suggestions? Without such tool I can't really do much.

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Just use Sanny Builder. When you're in-game, minimize it, create new, or open already existing scm file or sth, and then go PPM->Insert->Player Coords/Player Angle. The fastest way to get player's coords.

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This function doesn't work for me. By pressing ctrl alt 1 nothing happens. If I go through tabs, the command is greyed (like unavailable).

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I also have GTA3 and VCS mod and all tools work well there.

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I was using v1.1 earlier. Then I replaced it with v1.0 (I think) with limits hack (all limits maxed) and playrpos stopped working. Then I brought back old v1.1 and it didn't worked anymore. I tried various exes, but nothing works.

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(all limits maxed)


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This is not a good way of working. Increase limits when needed by a needed amount, don't go for amounts like 999999999999999999999999999999999999.

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No no. That's not the case.

1. The amount was not 9999999, but rather some max limit (33400 or smth)

2. Actually that doesn't matter because that .exe was supposed to be used temporary to check something.

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I'm kinda cornered here. I'm still at the point where I'm waiting for specific models. Unfortunately, people who offered/agreed to make those models either disappeared/not responding or taking a lot (looooooot) of time (months). :( Only Sal_Leone is making models in pretty normal speed, but he's not making complex ones. Until I get the required models, I won't do anything else, because what isn't related with those is almost done. I believe if I got all the models I require - I could complete SoV in a week or so. If someone would like to help me, they are welcomed of course :)

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I think you should do something like add a list of stuff you want/need done on the first page, and if someone wants to do one of those things they can pm you about it.

Edited by Kalvin
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  • 2 weeks later...

Is this dead

Why ask when you can wait? It's a simple thing to do.

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I have an impression BEGINit would've answered this post using his avatar.

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If we dont show progress that doesn't mean that mod is dead.There is a lot of progress that isn't showed

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