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Shine o' Vice

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It's 1987. Vice City. A whole year has passed since Tommy Vercetti removed Diaz and Sonny Foreli thus becoming a new drug lord. But this story is not about him. Flint Casie - a new mobster from Libert

What's up! There are more and more inquiries about this mod. Is it dead? Why no release? Why it's taking so long? First of all, I'm glad that the interest in this mod is still there even if it's b

Yup, progress is being made daily, admittedly maybe a little slowly (on my part) but the train's certainly choo-ing.   We haven't treated anybody to proper map screens for a while, the reaso

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In BEGINit's absence we made only ~3 full missions. If he commits to finishing the script this time - awesome! He can include the 2 missions I've coded and repurpose them. That wouldn't be too difficult of a task, neither conceptually (to make them consistent with his story) nor practically (to merge the actual code).


If not, we will just continue working on this mod at our own pace as we have done for pretty much the past year.

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>come back after months

>post two memes


What's you endgame?

2017 Forum Awards: biggest troll


@-Anti- the theme song is halted right now we'll get back to it soon


Like I said, if possible I want to join. Would be nice to see some tabs for the guitar riff or something like that.

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He owes nothing to none of you. He CAN explain himself, but being a middle aged man with a family is pretty much self explanatory.

What if he died during his absence? This self entitlement is f*cking disgusting.

Have some f*cking respect.

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Maybe we wouldn't be acting like that if the first post he made in months was some dumb meme. Like I was saying in the discord chat thing, if you're gonna be the leader of a mod this big, you should have a responsibility to tell the people you're working on it with if you're going to leave out of nowhere. At least don't dick us around like that like he's a priest or something.

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Family man or not, he should've had the decency of atleast explaining why he wasn't active anymore instead of posting a meme alone. Giving his current progress to Speccy would also be appreciated. Craig from GTA LC has 4 kids, is alone and has a job yet he still posts around, at times.

Edited by Jinx.
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BEGINit left the team adrift. He could at least explain what happened. This topic has almost 400,000 views, so "oi", there're people visiting this topic all time to verify the progress.

"Oh, but BEGINit is a middle-aged man, he has many things to do. Blablabla."
Ok, but what about the rest of the team? If the guy gave up, he could at least give to this hard-working team a plausible explanation and consequently, give the unfinished script to the rest of the team after all the effort that Speecy and the others put into it (gosh, the idea of recreate this ambitious mod with a brand-new SCM/script from the ground*up is undoubtedly astonishing), so the team could finish the unfinished script, adjusting the coordinates, opcodes etc. And that's what I think that BEGINit could/should do right now.

Edited by Jerkоv
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"Oh, but BEGINit is a middle-aged man, he has many things to do. Blablabla."


I mean even then, if you have so many things to do like having a family, etc. then why bother starting a mod if you know you won't have the time to finish it? It isn't like he just woke up one day and was like "Oh sh*t suddenly I have a wife and kids and a job and a mortgage lol what the f*ck happened last night".

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Yes. You are right. There is no excuse for such behavior. Disappearing from such a project for such a long time without any explanation is a terrible move. I am sorry for that.


And yes, reasons for that do involve many changes in my life. Heck, even now I'm in a pretty messed up situation IRL. Nevertheless my desire to finish this mod was and still is there. It even comes to my dreams (no joke).


And yes, I accept The Biggest Troll Award :D


But what about the mod? As I was telling Specy, I may not have much spare time to fully get back on it. But I'm willing to continue the support. I'm currently writing down the overview of the story and ideas AND main.scm so when I'll share the srcipt with Specy and others who are willing to lend some help, they'll know what is what and what is where. I hope we will be able to finish the script, fix all the bugs and bring the whole package.


This mod is in my life for 10 years now. Let's finish it! Together!

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Just two things I'd like to address:


I don't like it that some of the posts i've been seeing are playing with the idea that BEGINit's actions harmed the team and that this is the main argument against him. I speak only on behalf of Sal, Braindawg, and myself, but we are the least bothered among everyone right now and certainly did not ask for anyone to speak out against BEGINit on our behalf. Seems like we don't have a problem with him like many of you have. Some of you contributed to this mod but as Braindawg said, the level self entitlement is f*cked up.


It only ever mattered to me that we get ahead, with BEGINit or without. Now that he is back, there is the opportunity to make a lot of progress quick as we can sort the script out together. If anything, this is great and I have zero interest in opressing him or demanding explanations. I want to make progress.


Expect updates and chill out everyone.

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What the hell people. beginit was working on a mod on his free time. He doesn't owe you anything. Just be happy that there is a potential of progress here.

Best of luck to the team :)

Edited by LT_vVheris
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What the hell people. beginit was working on a mod on his free time. He doesn't owe you anything. Just be happy that there is a potential of progress here.


Best of luck to the team :)


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Ok, now that BeginIt answered with a very good post that should satisfy everyone, it's time to stop the "HURR DURR MOD KILLER" and the "HURR DURR ENTITLED f*ckS" posts.












also beginit for the most wholesome homie around

Edited by Jinx.
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On the negative side, I don't think that people should ask Beginit for explanations or be mad at him. He's back.


On the plus side: That shows that Beginit's mod has many many (many!) people who care about it and we wouldn't have this whole conversation if this wasn't the case am I right?


I'd just like if Beginit updates us (or at the very least, the team) more on script or what's his progress, 2 minutes to type a message, at least every 2-3 months (heck whenever you want man! Just remember us!). Good luck on your real life endeavors! Persevere and Happy Holidays!


I hope Speccy can work on incorporating Beginit's script and story with the missions he made in the best capabilities, even if it means rewriting scripts, or not doing much changes, do what best suits you guys, you're in control!


Long live Shine O' Vice!! And may we enjoy it fully one day!

Edited by marco886
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Let's place our bets on what'll happen first:


A) Kalving finishes the oil rig


B) Beginit comes back from the dead


Winner gets bragging rights. I'm going with A.

So much for those bragging rights. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Kalvin last week told me to look foward oil rig progress, now that he was done with Vice City BETA.


And then things happened. Now he doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

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Rachel Amber

I guess OIL RIG is Rigged...

T.O B.L.O.W AND never finished :(


Edited by Rachel Amber
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Peruvian people are very nice. They're the least likely to call the cops if you break into their house on thanksgiving.

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