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Moving saved games in xbox

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I've got a few games on xbox which have got many achievements and levels. but i did this on a offline profile. i recently got Gold membership, for GTA Online, and to play my other games with multilayer.


but i have to start the games from scratch as i can't seem to access my offline saved games when i'm logged in to my online profile.


how do i move the saved game data from offline to online profile? there must be a way.


any help is appreciated.

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friendly luggage

Sounds like you'll need a program called Horizon and you don't need a Horizon account to do this. Put your save and profiles from your Xbox onto a USB, then stick it into your PC with Horizon running. Open your online profile in Horizon and copy the profile ID. Now open up the offline profile's save files that you want changed. Paste the online profile ID into the profile ID field on these save files so that the save will now be associated with your new account. Be sure to click done so changes are saved. Please note that achievements won't transfer. You'll have to earn them normally.


Edited by illegal_luggage

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Thanks for your reply. Few questions. I read few places that if Microsoft find out I modified files then I can be blocked from multiplayer for 10 years, so is this safe?


Also, I have Forza 4. Will my money and cars be available also? Same goes for RDR.

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friendly luggage

Everything in the save will be transferred but I would recommend starting fresh on your new profile. There is always a risk with modding so you just have to do it sensibly. Im sure Turn 10 will realise the save is not yours after you've done lots of progress but have no achievements.

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