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GSF Green Flag

Notification alert options

Recommended Posts

GSF Green Flag

I've searched in my settings and everything but haven't seen this option which leads me to offer a suggestion that would make topics easier to reply too. I've been a part of other forums that gives you the option to set a notification alert when ever someone quotes your post. It makes it easier to keep up with topics you've replied too just incase you forgot that you posted in them. Just something I thing would make the forums a lot better and easier to navigate. If this option is available then my bad, I just don't know how to set it.

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I'm not sure if such a thing will need to be implemented. However, there's a trick to do it. I always do it to see if anyone mentioned my name anywhere or if any of my posts were quoted. Go here and type in your name, GSF Green Flag, in the Search by keyword field. But, because your name is of three words, add a + before each word, and it'd be like +GSF +Green +Flag. Then select at at Result Type at the bottom right of the page "Show results as posts" then at Search posts from select "Any date" - this will give you all the posts where you were quoted or your name was mentioned ever since you registered.


I went ahead and did this search and here are the results. Enjoy. icon14.gif

It might happen when you get posts that aren't about you, but that's because you've got a three word name which can't be helped.

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GSF Green Flag

Nice. It was included in the update. Perfect timing also.

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Edited by billy james

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