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Stupid Games For Windows Live



Kay so, I bought GTA IV like twice because I couldn't f*cking sign in on my pc. So I had to buy it for the Xbox and now I'm stuck and figured I would skip it by trying to install it on a PC again. So the problem is I sign into my social club and launch the game. When it comes time to start it tells me to sign in or else I won't be able to save or be granted achievements. So I sign in to a Windows Live profile, and it downloads the profile. However about a minute later it says an update is required or else it will sign me out. So I agree to install it and it takes its time installing. And when it finally reaches the end of the progress bar it tells me to "save any progress and shut down the game" so I do just that. While a windows installer application pops up on my desktop and eventually tells me, "this requires Windows XP service pack 2 or greater or windows 2003 ect ect" only problem with that is I'm running this bitch on Windows 7. And I cannot for the life of me figure out how to install any service pack because I check my updates and I'm entirely up to date. Please, please, PLEASE help me.


Temporary Fix:

I don't think I can play multiplayer but If you go to the GFWL menu at the menu screen click create a profile and scroll down to "Create local profile" name it whatever you want. And you can finally save. No sh*tty update required.

Edited by natmaster2000

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Have you tried running it as administrator? That may fix your problem.

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You can make an offline/local profile if you want to play singleplayer but if you wanna player online then go to the Rockstar website and install the latest patch for the game, you shouldnt get the ingame update anymore.

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Well the good news is that your credentials are correct if you get that far icon14.gif


The issue is that it's grabbing a dated link that is not even for your OS anymore, and the system has changed. Get the GFWL installer from the official site here:




Install that one, then try again, let me know what the next issue is, I've faced this before, this is the first step to the fix, likely will be fine once you do this icon14.gif

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