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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

No Leaks


Recommended Posts

Hi folks,


Rockstar have asked us to keep the forums clear of leaks and spoilers.


Out of respect for the work they've poured into GTA V, and respect for users who don't want the storyline to be ruined for them (and lordy there are a lot of ya), we'll be honouring this request.


Effective immediately, any topics or posts containing leaked information will be removed, and you'll get a reminder for it.


If you keep posting that stuff, we're gonna revoke your posting rights for a couple of days.


Keep it up and it'll be more than a few days. smile.gif


This includes posting details in your forum signature or requesting/offering PMs.


As mentioned in a previous thread, we've only got 24 days to go!


Thanks for your understanding. We've waited this long for the game, a few more weeks is nothing. alien.gif


Update: As member klosjaar pointed out to me via PM, we wouldn't be able to keep on top of the spoilers and leaks without the help of members actively reporting the offending topics and posts. Thank you all for chipping in! We couldn't do it without you. icon14.gif

Edited by Andy
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Thank you! I already got spoiled because someone trolled and put the spoiler in the title of the thread despite it being in the sub-section.


Honestly, we can wait 23/24 more days.

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Excellent decision. I will be deleting some of the leak links off my Rockstar Time aswell before I get some kind of C&D letter, lol.

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Storyline wouldn't be ruined for me if they'd release a PC version with consoles' release.

Otherwise it doesn't matter if it gets spoiled now or in a couple of weeks.

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So Rockstar does watch this forum and knows about the leaks.


But there wasn't very much spoiler to talk about and its only a few weeks before the game comes out, so i respect this.

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I feel somewhat relieved.



Hadn't it been for R*'s intervention, I probably would have ended up spoiling the game for myself because of my damn curiosity..

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Thank you, based admin (and mods).


And thank you, based R*.






Dafuq? Did you not read the first post of this thread? It was binned because too much spoilers and R* doesn't want that.

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