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----- Introduction -----

GTA Online - Custom Event Ideas is a topic for fellow forumers to create, share, and explore new ideas for events and fun things to do in Grand Theft Auto V's V:MP multiplayer component, or as R* likes to call it, GTA Online!

Our forumers have been very creative over the past 5 years since the event section creation, and we've seen a number of great custom events, such as Air/Ground War III, Busted, Tug Wars, 16 vs LCPD...and so on.
But IV is growing old, and it's time for a new era, an era with endless opportunities for the creative ones. So use this topic, to form ideas, using the templates for new things to do, or custom events, potential new game mode ideas, competitive and non-competitive event ideas...anything you wish.
Many of the previous forum events were created with a mix of ideas from the GTA IV-mx version of the topic by GTArv.

If you're happen to be bored with your team mates, or want to start a new custom event, this will be the place for you to go!

In addition, GTA Online features a Content Editor, which allows us to create our own deathmatches and team deathmatches, as well as various races. For now, only those modes are supported, but in the future, R* promises a whole new array of options for it's editor.
In the custom event ideas, you can also share your own DM/Race maps/tracks and while sharing you can also pose some custom event ideas for them, such as a molotovs only deathmatch, or a drive-by deathmatch on top of a mountain with bmx'es...the endless possibilities really for an event.

GTA V is a big game, and the fun will never stop for you and your friends! Look here, share and enjoy, and never play alone!

----- Guidelines -----

  • Your event idea/game mode must be your own idea, stealing other peoples ideas will result in your idea deleted.
  • If you submit an idea for an event in here, it means you are letting anyone create the event, modify it further or try and play it.
  • Please follow the custom event templates found in the section below, when posting your MP idea/custom event.
  • One custom event/game mode per post. If you have multiple ideas at once, you are free to double-triple-quadruple post.
  • All the great ideas will be kept in the 1st post with a link to the existing post, for easy usage.
  • Feel free to describe your event as best as possible, share some screens/videos if you tried it, present it to the GTAF community!
  • Be creative, be competitive, GTA V is a massive game, with endless possibilities.
    Have an idea to hunt sharks as an event? Have a custom triathlon idea? Do you want to think of a new heist up in the mountains?
    Post it here, share it with the world! Even if it's a simple idea, or a very complex one!

----- Custom Event Template -----

Custom Event Name
Game Mode(Free Mode, DM, TDM, Race, GTA Race...)
Description(Idea, approach, location, strategy, objectives, competitive/for fun...)
Promo Screenshots/Videos(if you have any)
Custom Content needed(yes/no - link)

----- Custom Event List -----

T0XIC - Death Race with "armed" obstacles
BusbyRock30 - DM with all Weapons
NYCRavers - Thunderdome DM 1v1
LeRay0409 - 16 vs SAPD
Slabocans - Protect and Defend
Fisplen - Chase Down
karaokequeen3 - Racing events

----- Custom Content Sharing -----

GTA V's GTA Online has a Content Creator! You can create and share custom deathmatches with the world, and set up custom race tracks.

Use this forum Content Creator..... to share, discuss, create and improve your custom races and deathmatches.

If at some point, you feel like your DM, Race or a Mission can be turned into a competitive event for fun, try hosting the event in this section, or posting the idea and link towards your thingy here.
That way, everyone can make use of it, and enjoy it during meetups with their clan mates, or in the game in general.

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Guess I'll be the 1st. My idea requires a lot of things to be available in terms of creating custom races. Of course I'll have to wait til October to know more about any limitations, but the idea is fully formed.


It's basically a death race hosted by The Damned. Everyone will be invited to race through a course determined by me. Along the track will be various Damned members armed to the teeth, trying to take out each and every racer. Wimner is the 1st person who makes it through alive (duh).


As I said I will flesh it out in the template form once GTA Online launches. Just thought I'd get my idea out there and take feedback :^:

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Nice suggestion. My idea would be to create a deathmatch that would include every weapon their is in the whole game. I'm still a little fuzzy on the details. But when I get my head straight, then I will point out the specifics. Until then, can't wait for GTA V!!!

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16 v SAPD - The main thread will be up soon. So all information will be revealed then. :)

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Hi guys,

I'm new to GTA, played number 1 for a bit and how things have changed since then!


Played other PC and PS and XBOX games since then.


The online GTA is shaping up to be everything and more of what I expected.


My idea of a mission would be 8v8 or something, where team 1 needs to bunker down a location, whether a building, house, airway hanger etc... and protect/defend some loot. i.e. cash, cars, or whatever


Team 2 would need to penetrate the defences and steal the cars or cash. 8 cars, 8 suitcases. i.e 1 each if you want to share.


Multiple entries to the location would be ideal, such as helicopter drops, ram raids, underground tunnels etc...

Escapes using cargo carriers could be an option, drive cars into the plane and take off.


To win, team 2 needs to steal the loot.

Team 1 would need to hold the other team off for 20 minutes or an appropriate time for the heist.



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It's basically a death race hosted by The Damned. Everyone will be invited to race through a course determined by me. Along the track will be various Damned members armed to the teeth, trying to take out each and every racer.



I like this idea. Kind of like an 8 v 8, but the object is to defend the finish line. Set up booby traps and ambush points and the other team has to try to hightail it to victory... sounds interesting

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Well here's an idea I thought of for a custom fun game mode.

I call it ' Chase Down '


One player gets a jumbo jet from the Airport , biggest one You can find , go to the top north of the map and then they have to simply fly back and land at LS International.


But here's the catch , the other player has to try and take the jumbo jet down and the player by any means possible before the plane reaches the Airport.


I'm looking forward to trying it out :)

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Thinking of a San Andreas Rally Championship. Things like a point to point Vinewood hill climb challenge, dirt track time trials up north, and perhaps a rally cross tourney as well.


In the interests of fairness, I'd imagine it would strictly stock cars only, no mods...


EDIT: Second idea, an insane one off triathlon of Ironman proportions. Swim starting from Vespucci Beach to Chumash, cycle ride from Chumash to Sandy Shores, finish with a run from Sandy Shores back to Vespucci Beach. Total prize fund $1 million.

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Feel free to share more creations soon.


Expect to see a batch of new events coming up in March, with some of them based on some nice ideas posted so far.

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Sweet Klebitz

Oh, I didn't realize that was one of them. Still, I don't see the reason for limiting it to just solo missions. It's helpful to know what every single mission pays.

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I have an idea. I'd like to host a racing tournament that would take place in five weeks. Twelve competitors would lock themselves in a sign-up and sign-ups will be closed once the twelfth person has signed up. Each week will feature a different playlist and a different class and I'd be offering a $10 PSN code to the winner of that playlist. The final race will feature the best racers of each week in one playlist and I'll be offering a $50 PSN code as the winner of it. I'll be competing to keep the cash, lol. I can ask people to submit races and to keep it fair, there will be a one-lap rolling start to each race in the playlist so they can learn the routes of each race. I'm thinking five races per playlist and six laps. One for the rolling start and the rest for the race.


The classes are going to be different each race so let's say there will be sports cars this week, sport classics the next, supers after that, and so-on. In terms of tracks, I'm not sure. I might just pick out a few and throw them in a playlist, but competitors can give me suggestions and after I look at them, I'll feature them in a playlist. Could be a fun time to be had, but I want to know what people think.

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I think that would be a great idea CThompson17. Now would this event be for PS3 or PS4?


It'll be PS4 since that's the only version I have at the moment.

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Game Mode: Race (Drag)

Players: 2 - 30

Social Club Job Link: http://rsg.ms/2606558


One of the hottest drag events to hit next generation consoles! This fast paced drag event will give users the opportunity to Drag against 30 others players. This event is ideal for car meets and regulated crew tournament events.

More details:

30 player nitrous drag strip. Single car class. Double clutch and time your nitrous to beat your opponent. Duplicate your vehicle by exiting and holding triangle. Complete race to allow spectators to join. (GTA Mode for starter pistol) Visit YouTube channel "GTA Ignition" for more info

Video Links brought to you by GTA Ignition - YouTube

Released: 20/02/15

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I had a idea about starting a forum for online players to post classified ads like there selling one of there cars used. Like a "real life" classified ad online... You can add any info on you car, and you can also post wrecked cars.. Any takers? Lol

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