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[PS3] GTA Online Fantasy Football League

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[Mods: This is a combo GTA Online/Sports thread, so please redirect if this is in the wrong forum]


I'm looking into creating a (different) fantasy football league (NFL), but only for owners who will be purchasing and playing GTA Online on the PS3.



Accumulating your wealth in this online world will not be easy. so any opportunity to pad your (virtual) bank account will always be enticing. Enter fantasy football. If you're as excited for GTA Online and the upcoming NFL season as I am, this is the fantasy football league for you.



I envision a 10-12 team league through Yahoo (negotiable), comprised of players who will be playing GTA Online on the PS3. Based on the various news reports and interviews about GTA Online so far, it seems that players will be able to share money with one another. I plan on compensating the winners of this league in this very fashion. Just like (money) fantasy leagues in real life, the winner's pot in this will be made up of equal buy-in amounts from every single owner.



The numbers so far are negotiable, since even The Benz stated, "The money in the game is one of the things that has to be so very finely balanced that we're still working on it. If I was to give you a number, it would probably change tomorrow." My plan at the moment is to have a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in this fantasy league. Since the numbers are still up in the air, my plan at the moment is

  • 1st place: An amount to give the player the buying power for a high-end house (or property)

  • 2nd place: An amount to give the player the buying power for a high-end car
  • 3rd place: Player gets his/her buy-in money back

As far as the actual league goes, I plan on using standard Yahoo fantasy league settings (i.e. 1 team defense, only 1 active QB, etc.), but like I said before, this is all negotiable. I'm open for suggestion to make this a incredibly fun and exciting fantasy football league.




"However, it's possible to spread the wealth by sharing cash, weapons and ammo among your team. In turn, they can 'defect' and try to steal your cash so, like life, GTA Online is an exercise in trust and social dynamics."


Probably my only requirement for this league is serious players only. Meaning don't be that guy whose (in this case, virtual) buy-in money is missing at the end of the fantasy football season when it's time to crown the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place owners. As the quote above points out, there's an aspect of trust in this game. The same goes for this fantasy league. Pay up your share of the buy-in on time and don't steal these earnings from the winners. Even our favorite sports teams shake hands with their rivals after every game.


Let me know what you guys think! Let's make this league happen!

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