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Are Crews Officially Registered, Or Just Casual

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Do you have to officially register that your crew online? Like me, my bro, and cousin have to come up with a name and officially join it?


If so, are you limited to one crew? Is there a player limit per crew?


Can you just team up with randoms to do a heist?

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Honest Bill

You can make official crews, and you can be in more than one at a time. You can make your own, or join a Rockstar made one.


No idea if there's a player limit though.

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I think social club crews have a maximum limit of 300(?) people, with only 16 being in the same session at the same time. Not certain about the limits or how it all works though.

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Payne killers have 150,000 members! dead rustlers have 46,000 members!

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Crikey. Well, that blows my estimate out of the water in a nuclear fashion, then.


Just checked as well. Yep, crew sizes can be measured in metric f*cktons.

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I assume you can form a team to do a heist mission anytime you'd like without registering it as a crew online at Rockstar Social Club. I hope crew sizes have limits, like perhaps 16 - 100 players. I don't like how there is a capless amount of players able to join crews. There is absolutely zero loyalty for the thousands upon thousands of people in the top two crews on Rockstar Social Club. People are just trying to join the biggest crews like it is some popularity contest. So many crews on Rockstar Social Club have the top two crews on the network as their rivals. Of course! If your crew dominates the whole network in number of players virtually every match another crew plays will be with the two biggest crews. In all reality, the biggest rivals between the top two crews on Social Club are themselves. Because there is so many if them there isn't an available match without. The player who started the crews in the first place doesn't get anything either. It's not like there is any pride, recognition, or bonus to it. When crews get that big on Social Club they don't even have crew captains anymore. Instead they have leaderboards, so crew members are in Direct Competition With Themselves.


There isn't anything incentivizing crews from splitting either. Why leave a huge crew like that if there is no social hierarchy to create fractions. Hopefully GTAO will improve this since there is money exchanged. Why be in that top crew if you can't trust any of them. Form your own crew with a few trustworthy players and dominate the game.

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