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Heists (Planning Online)

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I really like the planning feature of the heists online. Going to the apartment, to the planning room--that alone really creates good experience. Im curious to how the planning will go about. Do the players sit down at a table? Does a menu pop up?


I can already see folks debating over which route to take, how to enter, where to meet. This makes it so dynamic--essentially the players are creating their own story. We all know that some are going to get screwed. devil.gif

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I can't wait for the online to start so I can go through a whole campaign with my friends. GTA4 only had three co-op missions you could do with friends so those got old really fast.

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I honestly really hope that heists are intense and require special planning to get right. If you've got a good team of players than things can go smoothly, but if you march up with some loose cannon you just met online things could become disasterous. I am curious how you can screw over your team. Will it be simple and incentivized like GTAIV's online missions, where players get blown away the second the mission starts so one player can get all the money on the ship. Will GTAO make ripping your team off a bigger deal and you're encouraged to work together until the end. Basically, working through the mission is hard work, so by the time your hands on the money, if your team catches you stealing it from them without sharing, you'll wind up with zero, but if you work together until the end you still get a good cut. I know some teams you work with will result in shoot outs after the money is exchanged. Getting screwed over a few times will drive players to always use teamwork with players they trust. I really really like that. This game is going to be way different.

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