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Forever Swimming

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After completing "The Fastest Boat" mission on Vice City on the iPad, I ended up at the back of Ricardo Diaz's mansion. I decided to go exploring. About a minute later I fell into one of his pools. The pool does not effect my person, so he won't die. There is no stairs to climb out. There is no jump option on the iPad in Vice City. I tried quiting the app and going back, loading my latest save, but it always brought me back to being in that pool. My only other save I can load is at the beginning of the game so I don't like that option. Gang members constantly pass by but they're too far away to punch and it won't let me change my weapon. Needless to say I really need help.

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I don't recall being able to get stuck in any of the pools-- are you sure there are not steps out somewhere or you can't jump out?? On my android-- you double tap the run button to jump... try that.


Do you have any grenades or an RPG... if so-- kill yourself.


If not-- please post up your save--


I have a game save editor and I should able to give you an RPG so you can kill yourself-- just aim straight down.


Upload it here-- http://gtasnp.com/home


If I edit the file, be sure not to overwrite your other save as I don't know if me messing with it will make it unloadable (it should not but you never know)


After I edit it I will post a new link for you to download your file.




PS. this is a good lesson to get in the habit of rotating your most recent save among save slots-- I ALWAYS (on all GTAs) reserve the first 3 slots for my initial play through and rotated among them each time I save the game-- if the save becomes corrupt (or you have some other issue)-- then you don't lose much progress.

Edited by Spuds725

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There is a way to jump in Vice City (Mobile) just double-tap the Sprint button.

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