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2 million in Cash and 2 million in Equity


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I had originally planned to create a life-simulation role play game on GTA5 once it came out. After watching the trailer for the endless possibilities , I was even more encouraged. However , I am also very interested in the idea of having my own crew and amassing a lot of money and material as quickly as possible. The following is what objectives and components my crew will have , and I hope you feel like joining it.



1. A rank system to determine who makes more than who on certain jobs.

2. A crew that is large in numbers and can compete in big crew rivalries.

3. A crew that will share resources and join forces when necessary.(Say 3 four-man teams come together to assist in a mission or task.)

4. An end goal.



Number 4 may strike you as a little weird but it serves a big purpose. A well driven crew is a crew that is motivated and there is no motivation than an end result in mind. Here is the crew goal and our plans as a crew afterwards:


Objective (End Goal): To collect 2 million dollars in cash and 2 million dollars in assets.


Path to Achieving this: The money will be rallied weekly to see where we stand on our goal. All assets bought will be recorded and tallied up at the end of each week. The goal is to achieve two million in value in both categories.



AFTER: Once our goal is reached things can take one of a few different turns depending on a crew wide vote. Anything from teaming up to create a mass rp game , or aiming for 5 million or going our separate

ways. Anything is possible as long as it's voted on.



Here The top ten ranks up for grabs , all slots available as this is my first topic promoting the crew. Starting from Scratch , need help! :


1- President (ME) Market Share: 18.5%

2- Vice-President 13%

3- Secretary of Affairs 10.5%

4- Assistant to the Secretary 8.5%

5- Head of Human Resources 8%

6- Head of Real estate 6.5%

7- Head of Finance 6%

8- Commanding General 5.5%

9- Team B Leader 5%

10-Team C Leader 4%

11- Team D leader 3.5%



If you would like to discuss this further , as oppose to details and such then pm me with Topic: General and if you'd like to apply for one of the positions or just join as a regular crew member , pm me with topic: Application



All of this may seem over detailed for a first draft of a crew , but i'm very flexible with changing things if you have good ideas!


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