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Video Outro Request

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Hello all,

I write again with a request that would be greatly beneficial to my Youtube Channel. That's right, today I write to request the help from one of you kind GTAForumers, regrettably, I won't be able to offer any monetary reward; however, I will guarantee that full credit is given in both my videos and on my channel's description (for the former I'll set the credit 'speech' as a default for all of my videos).


What I would like to request is an outro video for my Youtube channel, you know what I mean, one of those short <5 second videos that just show who the video was by and asking for the viewer to like, comment & subscribe. I already have one, however, it isn't high quality and what I am looking for is an animated one that changes (rather than being an image).


Please may somebody kindly fulfill this task for me? I will be hugely grateful, head over to my channel to see the type of content I produce and please, oh please, try and make it similar. Again, please make this an animated video outro for my channel for when a video ends (it will be placed after my video).


Ideas I have were maybe a slash that leaves my Youtube name that looks like a slash, or even better, a blood-splatter on a wall that leaves my name in the blood? Oh, and for the name, please make it Cameron's Games, not PS3GamerVideos, that was my old name which I'm slipping away from. To receive the file you make please upload it beforehand to a YT channel (so I can look at it) and then we'll discuss sharing it via email if I'm satisfied.


Thankyou very much for reading, I highly anticipate the work you produce for me.

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SSA Military

would you be interested in being partners i will start uploading again very soon and we can do commantarys together and all that stuff if you are add me on xbox Original R4MB0 also i will help out with the outro

Channal: http://www.youtube.com/user/OriginalR4MBO

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