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Possible Virus

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Hi guys,


My computer is driving me crazy, I think I've got a virus on here somewhere.

I've scanned my whole pc with MSE, but it didn't give anything.


When I go to Microsoft Security Client, it says it can't be turned on and when I click on mssesec.exe (MSE) it doesn't want to start.

After reinstalling MSE for the second time, Microsoft Security Client still doesn't work. When I try to update MSE, it says it can't update even though I do have an internet connection.

What can I do?


Thanks in advance,



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vertical limit

Check your processes. (Ctrl+shift+esc) Remove any suspicious processes. Have you downloaded anything that contains suspicious files. What does the virus do exactly.

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Maybe it is a boot virus/root kit! Get a root kit scanner.

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download malwarebytes (malwarebytes.org) and run it in safe mode. i think you are just seeing mse's usual wonkyness - it will update and turn on WHEN IT FEELS LIKE IT. sometimes i have seen it turn off and on - on its own and i know on this particular machine it doesn't have a virus. you could also use that free kaspersky live CD that runs off linux iirc and boot from it.

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I can't see any unusual processes, I've already checked that.

What kind of root virus scanner thing do you advise?


I used the backup (system recovery) thing which seems to have solved the problem, even though I have to start MSE myself each time now.

It is updated though, and everything seems alright again.

Only thing is, Google Chrome sometimes randomly crashes when I start it, any help for that?



It could very well be the same over here, it doesn't really look like I have any virus of some sort now.

Only thing I have now is the random crashes in Chrome and MSE that doesn't start automatically.

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