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[TUT]The DYOM Complete Tutorial


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I've come up with two questions;

1-How can we use ''Get all identical pickups'' in objective pickups? And get all identical pickups has three options, one of them is ''On with counter'' or something like that. What exactly does this option mean and how can we use the Count bar that is activated after choosing ''On with counter?'' Shortly, I need an in-depth explanation of ''Get all identical pickups''

2-I am making a localization to DYOM. I've completed nearly everything but I still need to reach every single English input of the mod and text.gxt doesn't store all of them. For example, in Objects&Effects, I can't translate the Explosion Style series and the effect names. Also, in Mission Menu, while you import/export objective texts, there's a text appearing as ''Objective texts imported/exported from/to DYOMtemp.txt'' which I can't translate either. Where can I edit these inputs from?


P.S.: I got the answers from Discord. However, I am still accepting answers about the second one.

Edited by Saint Medallion
Got the answers.
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5 hours ago, Saint Medallion said:

Your player teleports inside and immidiately a cutscene has to be shown but the game crashes instead? If so, don't add the cutscene right away, add a timeout or something first.

It works first times until i added some last objectives. I will try to removing those objectives if not worked then your idea will be tried by me. If works then Change of the story... :(

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