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GTA VC android graphic problem, invisible people!



I've recently installed GTA vice city for android [1.03] on my android tablet [Ainol Novo 10 Hero II] The games started normally and every thing is OK while gameplay EXCEPT everybody is invisible! All people including Tommy are hidden, even in videos during missions! can somebody help with this problem?


I will be posting screenshots



user posted image

user posted image




Ainol Novo 10 Hero II

OS: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

CPU: Quad Core ATM7029

GPU: Quad Core GC1000 +


Storage 16GB

Size: 10.1 inch

Edited by jokerxxx

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2 answers to this question

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I don't see your device listed as a "supported device" on either google play nor rockstar games site-- are you sure it can run it??


It is possible that you don't have enough resources to display these however I doubt it-- the peds & tommy would be pretty high priority IMO.... but if so do the following....


I would first try to reduce all your graphics settings to the minimum....


Exit game and back in.... check again.


If that doesn't work-- turn off all wireless communication with the device (wifi, bluetooth, etc) then disable/kill any app that would run in background and consume data--- ie facebook/twitter/news apps/ etc....


Restart device and ensure that these apps do not restart also....


Try again...


If your device allows it-- go into settings and see if you have a device setting called "developer options"-- my samsung has this-- if so-- you may be able to use this to limit background processes...


Try again....


If that doesn't work reinstall game and see if that fixes...


Honestly-- never heard of anything like this.

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Thanx for your reply smile.gif yes my device is not supported in both but the game is working pretty well! Except the ped. I tried to reduce all graphics before and nothing happened but i will try restarting the game and the device


*update: I did reduced all process to none, lowered all graphics settings in the game, restart, re-install & even checked Force GPU rendering and disable HW overlaying and nothing changed confused.gif



Edited by jokerxxx

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