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Arran B

Hosting a few games of Club Business

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Arran B

Having a few playthroughs of some Club Business and TDM. If anyone's bored in the anticipation for GTA V like me then join me on Xbox Live for a few decent games. Arran Boon


Edit.. Or simply just join a TDM match on TLAD because I'm sitting here and the lobby is completely empty. How can nobody be playing this, like no one anywhere (where possible in my country)



Edited by Arran B

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Eddie Dean

Really nobody plays IV multi anymore, it's so annoying... I don't think you'll find full teams. If you like we could just do a 1 V 1 deathmatch on TLAD or TBoGT or whatever you like, I don't mind I just want to play...


EDIT: XBL Gamertag is in my sig.

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Yea I've been on a few nights recently, and TLAD multi is just a ghost town. sad really as I've never played the TLAD online modes, only IV and TBOGT.


Standard IV multiplayer seems to be much busier, probably people just like us gearing up for V.

man, I tell you, I am NOT going to miss those damn lobbies, READY UP ALREADY WILL YA!!


Add me: Drumbago and I'll play with yers if we are on at the same time.

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