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(CPV) GTA San Andreas Community Vehicle Pack

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/\/\\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\user posted image/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\


GTA San Andreas Community Vehicle Pack (CVP)

All vehicles of San Andreas replaced. By the community.


The Idea

Replace of vehicles we possibly can following some base rules, so we can replace traffic with coherent vehicles all around San Andreas. There will be a list of the vehicles we need and you can contribute by sending us a link with the download of a vehicle that should fill a space in the pack. Screenshots are allowed too!


San Andreas lovers like me and many in the community want to refresh the game and give it a new life by replacing many elements of the game. We intend to modify vehicles, some car packs out there replace way more than they say, and suddenly turns a “car pack” into a “mod compilation” we want to do a vehicle pack with just vehicles in it and nothing more!


Submitting a Vehicle

To submit an idea to us it should include every information you have on the vehicle, if you used it, you should tell us if it passes or concept of good vehicle.

Don’t forget to check out list of available vehicles first so you know which ones we are missing, please try always to post a vehicle we don’t have, if you don’t it’s ok!


So some information it should include to help us:

- What vehicle should replace:

- Download Link (most important):

- Passes the concept of vehicle test? (pros and cons): Yes, no or unknown.

- Do you like it?: Yes or No.

- Screenshots or other information you might want to add:

Submit it as a reply to us!


Vehicles List

This is the list of vehicles we need.



  • Rustler OK
  • Nevada OK
  • Hydra OK
  • Dodo Pending
  • Andromada Pending
  • AT-400 OK
  • Skimmer OK
  • Stuntplane Pending
  • Shamal Pending
  • Cropduster OK


  • Sparrow OK
  • Sea Sparrow Pending
  • Rain Dance Pending
  • Police Mav Pending
  • News Chopper Pending
  • Maverick OK
  • Leviathan OK
  • Hunter OK
  • Cargobob Pending


  • Mountain Bike OK
  • Bike Pending
  • BMX Pending
  • Wayfarer Pending
  • Sanchez Pending
  • Pizzaboy Pending
  • PCJ-600 Pending
  • NRG-500 Pending
  • Freeway Pending
  • Faggio Pending
  • FCR-900 Pending
  • BF-400 OK


  • Utility Trailer OK
  • Tugstair OK
  • Petrol Truck(?) OK
  • Farm Trailer OK
  • Baggage Box A OK
  • Baggage Box B OK
  • Articulated Trailer 1 OK
  • Articulated Trailer 2 OK
  • Articulated Trailer 3 OK


  • Tropic Pending
  • Squalo Pending
  • Speeder Pending
  • Reefer Pending
  • Predator Pending
  • Marquis Pending
  • Launch Pending
  • Jet Max Pending
  • Dinghy Pending
  • Coastguard Pending

RC Vehicles:

  • RC Baron OK
  • RC Raider OK
  • RC Goblin OK
  • RC Tiger OK
  • RC Cam OK
  • RC Bandit OK


  • Comet Pending
  • Feltzer Pending
  • Stallion Pending
  • Windsor Pending

Unique Vehicles:

  • Baggage Pending
  • Brownstreak (Train) Pending
  • Caddy Pending
  • Camper Pending
  • Combine Pending
  • Harvester Pending
  • Dozer Pending
  • Dumper Pending
  • Forklift Pending
  • Freight (Train) Pending
  • Hotknife Pending
  • Hotdog Pending
  • Hustler Pending
  • Kart Pending
  • Mower Pending
  • Mr Whoopee Pending
  • Romero Pending
  • Securicar Pending
  • Stretch Pending
  • Sweeper Pending
  • Towtruck Pending
  • Tug Pending
  • Vortex Pending
  • Jet Pack Pending

Low Riders:

  • Blade Pending
  • Broadway Pending
  • Remington Pending
  • Savanna Pending
  • Slamvan Pending
  • Tahoma Pending
  • Tornado Pending
  • Voodoo Pending

Station Wagons:

  • Regina Pending
  • Solair Pending
  • Stratum Pending
  • Moonbeam Pending
  • Perenniel Pending


  • Benson Pending
  • Bobcat Pending
  • Burrito Pending
  • Boxville Pending
  • Boxville (Black) Pending
  • Cement Truck Pending
  • DFT-30 Pending
  • Flatbed Pending
  • Linerunner Pending
  • Mule Pending
  • Newsvan Pending
  • Packer Pending
  • Picador Pending
  • Pony Pending
  • Roadtrain Pending
  • Rumpo Pending
  • Sadler Pending
  • Tanker Pending
  • Tractor Pending
  • Trashmaster Pending
  • Utility Van Pending
  • Walton Pending
  • Yankee Pending
  • Yosemite Pending

Off Road:

  • Bandito Pending
  • BF Injection Pending
  • Dune Pending
  • Huntley Pending
  • Landstalker Pending
  • Mesa Pending
  • Monster Pending
  • Patriot Pending
  • Rancher Pending
  • Sandking Pending

Public Services:

  • Cabbie Pending
  • S.W.A.T Pending
  • Taxi Pending
  • Bus Pending
  • Police Car (LSPD) Pending
  • Police Car (LVPD) Pending
  • Police Car (SFPD) Pending
  • Firetruck Pending
  • Coach Pending
  • Ranger Pending
  • Enforcer Pending
  • Rhino Pending
  • Ambulance Pending
  • Barracks Pending
  • FBI Pending
  • Rancher Pending


  • Alpha Pending
  • Banshee Pending
  • Blista Compact Pending
  • Buffalo Pending
  • Bullet Pending
  • Cheetah Pending
  • Club Pending
  • Euros Pending
  • Flash Pending
  • Hotring Pending
  • Racer Pending
  • Infernus Pending
  • Jester Pending
  • Sabre Pending
  • Super GT Pending
  • Turismo Pending
  • Uranus Pending
  • ZR-350 Pending

Saloon Cars:

  • Admiral Pending
  • Bloddring Banger Pending
  • Bravura Pending
  • Buccaneer Pending
  • Cardona Pending
  • Clover Pending
  • Elegant Pending
  • Elegy Pending
  • Emperor Pending
  • Esperanto Pending
  • Fortune Pending
  • Glendale Pending
  • Greenwood Pending
  • Hermes Pending
  • Intruder Pending
  • Majestic Pending
  • Manana Pending
  • Merit Pending
  • Nebula Pending
  • Oceanic Pending
  • Phoenix Pending
  • Premier Pending
  • Previon Pending
  • Primo Pending
  • Sentinel Pending
  • Stafford Pending
  • Sultan Pending
  • Sunrise Pending
  • Tampa Pending
  • Vincent Pending
  • Virgo Pending
  • Willard Pending
  • Washington Pending

LEGEND: OK = It was tested and it's ready to be added to the vehicle pack. Pending = Still waiting for suggestions.




When it will be ready?

We have to give you the “when it’s done answer” because it depends on the response we are having from you people, more suggestions and information the more we work on it!


Will be free?

YES, of course, made by you to you!


What if I don’t post a suggestion?

Well if you don’t post a suggestion it’s okay, but the objective is getting everyone to contribute to this with something, positive and negative feedback is always welcome!



Grand Theft Auto V will be out soon, why not forget San Andreas?

Five will have a lot to offer but I and many people like San Andreas so much, and it was such a great game it deserves this effort.



We hope everyone has suggestions for us so we can complete this pack! Come on guys say what you think!

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The greatest post with good information. Thanks so much sharing with us.

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Are we sticking with the regular, vanilla San Andreas vehicle theme? If so, I have a car for you to look at:


- What vehicle should replace: Buffalo
- Download Link: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=17655
- Passes the concept of vehicle test?: I think so. It is modelled on what the vehicle was originally based on. One flaw may be the vehicle's shadow.
- Do you like it?: Yeah, I personally use it all the time in my San Andreas.
- Screenshots or other information you might want to add:





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sorry my friend,but do you mean any vehicle that replace them?(custom vehicles)

are only a bit modified of game cars?

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There's this mod which I think its the best vehicle mod out there,it adds a few touches for each and every vehicle in the game,by adding fog lights or antennas,all kinds of things.


Here's a link where this mod can be found: http://www.gta-worldmods.de/phpkit/start/include.php?path=content/download.php&contentid=3946

That's what I use as a base, then I add in any "better-looking" vehicle modifications (such as this for example) over them. Also, OP, you should check out that example link I just posted as well, you may like it. :)

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