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[SPOILERS] Achievement / Trophy List

Redwood Cigarettes

Recommended Posts

Redwood Cigarettes

Posted by the good folks at x360a.







The secret tiles can be seen here [First 11] (Thanks Kirsty)



You can read the descriptions of the secret achievements here: (Confirmed legitimate by Mike Bendel at Exophase)






Updates / Q&A:


Regarding the differences in some achievement descriptions between the screenshot and the source website:

Some Xbox 360 achievements have a locked & unlocked description (when you earn the achievement on Xbox its description changes) like a past and present tense if you will. x360a mistakenly posted the 'unlocked' descriptions first and I managed to print screen them before they changed them to the 'locked' ones. The new descriptions on the site are what it will say when the achievement is locked and the ones in the screenshot provided, that are different, are what they will change to when 'unlocked'.


Secret achievements hidden but everything else revealed?

Secret achievements are almost exclusively only ever revealed after a game is released. Secret achievement images are not always stored in the same directory at Microsoft as the others, meaning they're usually harder to find and sometimes not found until the game is released and the community unlocks and uploads the images for us.


Post Updates

- Secret tiles now uploaded, check the images above.

- Link for supposed secret achievement descriptions added.

17th Aug

- Source confirmed as legitimate for the secret achievement descriptions:


- Exophase has now linked the secret achievement images to the descriptions (changed link accordingly)






Edited by Kirsty
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– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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ITs a GOOD ONE. Because its real!!! biggrin.gifcool.gificon14.gif

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God damn it!!! Why did I click it! I need to drink heavily after this one. I don't want to remeber

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Ok well, since it might contain spoilers i won't read it but it's actually nice to see it's leaked because it just means were getting very close to the release date biggrin.gif

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Not a lot of interesting achievements..

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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How was this released?

x360a only post achievement lists when they're uploaded to Xbox.com, dunno how they find them though because you usually need the game to see them.


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Redwood Cigarettes
Updated original post with list of all achievements
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Siciliano Don

No major spoilers, I had no problem reading and I was VERY strict about not spoiling the game. I think this gives a good insight to the activities and stuff we'll be doing in GTA V.

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Dutch Psycho

Is that the map or just an example of a map.(special made for the achievement pic)

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Quackerz Gamerz

Gold medals for missions, strangers and freaks? Will these be like RDR?


Also, spaceship parts... WTF...


Somehow I don't think this is legit, but it's almost 100% real. sad.gif


EDIT: Too many MP achievements for my liking...

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Read about 4 of them and then stopped. I won't do it. I can't do it.


And the map outline! ...Looks like the Mapping thread maps tounge.gif

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Redwood Cigarettes

I have been a member at x360a for 6 years and can assure you this is legit.

They always get achievement information first. (they are also the sister site to PS3Trophies)

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