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GTA San Andreas Doomed Space Marine Myth Mods 2013

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Hey guys this is SJS0313 or just Shoaib Jamal. We all love GTA San Andreas myth mods and especially a significant and rather well known modder Doomed Space Marine, as we know, made a myth mod pack containing:

leather face,


ghost cars and,

serial killer.

The mods were on his site on freewebtown.com but the site went down. sad.gif Then a fellow named youngtriiboii (aka lbee63) talked to DSM (Doomed Space Marine) about re-posting his mods but who knows why the re-uploaded myth pack by him went down AGAIN. confused.gif Now I have got them and asked DSM's permission which was granted. So here's the New Doomed Space Marine Myth Mod Pack ready to download. Its not really a pack, because I am re-uploading them separately in The DSM Ghost Car Mod, The DSM Leather face and Bigfoot Mod, and The DSM Serial Killer Mod. This makes searching on YouTube easier as well as enabling noobs to only install the mods they want. Normal people can separate what they want from a pack. biggrin.gif


The DSM Ghost Car Mod is my favorite. It gets the original stranded cars in the wilderness to attack you if you're near them at night. You typical ghost car attack scenario. Typical, but spooky. cry.gif


The DSM Leather Face and Bigfoot Mod places a mythical Bigfoot randomly in the forests south of San Fierro. Leather face spawns in the cabins in the Penopticon Woods and will try to kill you on sight. Scary, but looks a bit like a balloon in my opinion, if you look closely. tounge2.gif


The DSM Serial Killer Mod will make a serial killer with a rifle spawn randomly in the desert ares. He does some serious damage and kind of realistically attacks the nearest person around him. He is difficult to put down. LOL makes me want to share some weird and funny experience: I installed The Serial Killer and Cave Daemons mod and while i found the daemons and lured them outside, the Serial Killer came about from nowhere and killed the Daemons for me! Ans CJ was like: Whoa! I finally killed those daemons and I swear The Serial Killer was going like Yeah Right Bitch! Yeah... not funny I guess but fun to see... suicidal.gif


So anyways here are the Mods for you to enjoy, do try and contact me if you see they are down. These Mods are not mine, they belong to Doomed Space Marine so thanks and credits to him for making them and granting the permission to re upload them. You may reupload them if the readme files along with the mods are included.

Bye! Happy Gaming!



(download links arriving august 18 2013)


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