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[GTAO] Online DLC & Extras Wishlist Topic

Recommended Posts


More body types! I want my female character to be ripped like the girls at muscle beach! The pedestrians have all kinds of body types!


You can email rockstar at [email protected] with your ideas!!


They said they will consider them!!

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Vice Beach

- Customizable interiors for apartments. I really see no purpose in owning an apartment other than the garage (especially when you can choose to buy a garage without the apartment for cheaper) Being able to make your apartment look different than everyone elses would be nice considering EVERYONE now has the same apartment from the stimulus. I feel like adding a The Sims style interior creator would be very cool to GTA:O and actually be worthwhile to spend money on. It would add your own personality to your apartments.


- Make stealth hide your blip on foot. Otherwise it's completely pointless and could otherwise be a very useful crouch button.


- Bad. Sport. Getting bad sport for blowing up "personal vehicles" sort of makes sense if A. You weren't made to pay for the replacement or B. The idiot with the chrome adder even actually worked towards saving up money to afford it. You have to pay for the douche's insurance for a car that he can afford to buy a thousand times over because he cheated money? Dumb. Bad Sport for blowing up a glitcher. Thanks R*.


- Add Liberty City to GTA:O as soon as possible


- SKI MASKS. Really we have monster masks, pig masks, skull masks, even a goddamn cigar smoking monkey, but no ski masks?


- Alien survival. Alien invasion free roam.


- Let us buy and customize our own cell phones.





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Only thing I want: Let us please buy multiple garages! Pleeeeease, I want so many cars but my garage is already full with cars I don't want to replace :(

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Earrings for men?

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It's a small one, but mountable horses would be pretty awesome.

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One that kind of came to me suddenly, but quite simple; Rotating playlists for the radio stations? Doesn't even have to be all that often, maybe every other week, but kind of sick of hearing the same thing on the radio in lobbies...

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ramp trucks.


roof access from/to apts and other buildings.


burglary of player homes, victim can only be burgled once during an ingame week(other residents call cops for anything suspicious for 1 week making it impossible) with a max haul of 10% of victims bank balance. victim has to be online when you do it, but if you're in apt then you can finish if he logs off(if he don't want to defend his stuff............).


a few tunnels up in the north, mineshafts maybe?


proper rocket pods on the buzzard, only 1 salvo, have to be reloaded with a merryweather drop though.


tanks have to be got from near the military base only, can still own one but concierge service not delivering, or will but takes a loooooooooooong time.


upgradable choppers, countermeasures and mounted guns at the expense of pilot weapons.


change weapon attachments at apt.


gun rack and helmet rack in garage showing all player has access too.


could put a plaque on wall behind all cars in garage that shows its stats.


garage tweaks, taking my sandking out of garage always damages it(top scrapes roof)


tv shows other players(perhaps closest to your apt) without having to sit and watch it.


phone can play radio if on foot and have headphones(mine in RL can), more phones, phones can be damaged in pvp combat, screen damage upto unable to use it without replacing/repairing.


aquarium in my apt.


separate the shops like SP.


main airport spawns all civi aircraft at same time. not 1 or 2 that are always based on the char level or whatever it is.


triathlon vehicle races, car-boat-chopper or any other order.


options to ignore races with certain criteria before you get to the lobby and find it's not what you want(i prefer at least 2 laps to a race).


ramp trucks...... so important it's worth mentioning twice.


shares in certain businesses, specifically mors insurance.


some reasonably large islands off north, east and west coasts, stunting/races mainly but give us a reason to use boats a bit more.


to go with heists..... an alcatraz style prison, breakout the people you may need or other players possibly, captured players have to play a melee only survival until broken out.


i'm sure ill think of more.



It's a small one, but mountable horses would be pretty awesome.


i really want a mule/donkey but it can be given bullshark testosterone for supercar speeds, useable in all races(excepting air races). beating adders on a burro would be hilarious.

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Purchased Helis should be delivered to you just like the MerryWeather Heli-Taxi works.

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Share a waypoint to friends via the BACK/SELECT menu.

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They should add poker/gambling and stuff where you could win/loose money. Like in RDR: you could play liar's dice, black jack, poker and compete in Grand Prix horse races. That would be awesome. There should be horse races at the race track where you could gamble.

Edited by BuyMeTheMoon

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I'll put my idea in this thread.


I was thinking Rockstar could set up the Social Club site for us to do Car customizing. For example some of us would love to put vinyls on our cars. We could go into the Social Club site and pull up any available car for GTA V Online and design it with flames,numbers, flags, and that kinda stuff. Basically "The Duke's of Hazzard" fans like myself could design a car to look like the General Lee or players could make a "Red Bull" themed car for their crew for racing other crews. After we get our designs done and all the Social Club special mods, like bull bars on our Bravado Buffalo's to resemble the General Lee's for example, we would then get a build sheet to see how much in game money we need to build our car.


We would have the file saved on the site ,and could let others access our designs. To help tweak them through settings on our profiles, that would let us share them. To access our builds from the game we would use the Los Santos Customs in game website to place our orders.


It's just an idea I had. I played Need For Speed World where you can do some great designs on cars if your any good. Me I went the easy route. I have a Charger SRT that is basically a Bravado Buffalo in this game that looks like a General Lee and the Nissan Skyline R34 that I did up as a General Lee. Duke's fans could do a Red Bull car and others could do a Monster Energy Drink car for a "Moonshine Race" for example.


So just an idea to let players show off their custom rides and to have a car that's got that personal touch to it.

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Basketball and Soccer

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Pong Lenis

Wingsuits!! just like in FarCry3.. Imagine that in GTAO!! :)

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Bolingbroke Penitentiary - Survival

I would love a mode where there are no weapons but you have to survive in a prison brawl...




A prison break mission... again no weapons but speaking to the right people might help you get out and making the right phone calls... for outside help.



So much potential with GTA V.

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I'd like to be able to swap the positions of cars in my garage and also be able to buy an aircraft hanger to store planes and helicopters.

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Mr. BROver


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Change the position of cars in your garage


More clothing options (military, police, mercenary, more suits, swat, etc etc etc)


Customize your apartment (sortof like the sims)


Plastic surgery to change your character (for a price)


More tattoos and more car customization (turbo, NEON LIGHTS, etc)


More vehicles (cars, planes, etc)


Increased payout for missions


Be able to store any vehicle in your garage


Own more then one garage/property


Zombie dlc


Get rid of bad sport




No limit on bounties


32 max players instead of 16


More weapons (katana, machete, chainsaw, etc)


Duel wielding certain weapons (micro smg, melee weapons like katana if theyre added, all pistols, the sawed off shotgun, etc)


Deadpool costume


More hairstyles and beards (long, short, dyed, etc)


Better melee combat


Being able to customize our clothing (choose our colors, tucked or untucked, hoods on or off, where the crew emblem is (same for car crew emblems), etc)

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It's probably been said, but the addition of more peds and cars driving around would be the number one thing I want added. I'm tired of driving around a ghost town.

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Blazer mods. No bulletproof tires on a quad I paid 9 grand for? dafuq mang

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1. 4 wheel drive sand king or the ability to lift some of the 4x4 trucks.


2. Ability to save a mountain bike in the truck bed so you don't have to steal the bike and bunny hop it in if you want to drive up and bike down a mountain or something. Or you could link them like the fog light bars in a truck bed currently. What I mean by that is the fact that the fog light bar thing can break off but once the vehicle is repaired it returns. Make it the same for the bike. Once the bike leaves the truck it is gone until the truck is repaired or a more stream lined albeit unrealistic way to reload the bike into the bed. Would have to make it so the bike isn't it's own individual personal vehicle though if you went the repair route. Maybe make it so only the owner of the truck can ride the bike and it becomes useless once you repair (dupe) it. If any of that makes any sense.


Maybe add a way to select a bike/motorcycle in the garage to add them to a truck bed. Limit it to only one vehicle you can load that is parked next to the bike rack or something. If this is a good suggestion it would be cool to save a trailer with a jetski or something in a similar fashion.


3. Add a custom quick waypoint. So you can set a location using a similar mechanic to the point of interest marker, but so you can select it via the quick waypoint menu and allow us to name it whatever we want. Probably limit this to one or two custom locations so it doesn't get messy.


4. Ability to get rid of or store certain wardrobe items. I hate the fact that I bought those stupid stank shades and now have to scroll through them every time even though I never wear them (just one example). Same suggestion for the masks/hats.


5. Ability to change the lighting in los santos customs so you can see what the paint job will look like in the sun/night/fog/rain or whatever.









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-Buying dogs and customizing them and training them in the IFruit app like chop. Also, I'd be cool if you can buy dog houses for him and name him, too.


-More houses like maybe open up the Lenny Avery site for online so you can purchase properties through there too.


-Speaking of houses, customizable interiors and the outside too. For example, if you buy a house, (not an apartment,) you can choose what color paint the outside of your house is and also make fences for your dogs. :D


-This is one of my best ideas but is kinda complicated. Crew territory all across San Andreas for all sessions. For example, let's say my crew wants to own Vinewood hills. We would eliminate anybody there or damage the are to get the attention. Once the CPU sees you damaged and/or killed the people there, they will automatically alert the members of that crew anytime they come on xbox live. If the crew who previously owned the territory dosen't show up and try to take back the territory in the next 5 minutes, they lose it and the crew who took it over keeps it. You should also be able to hire guards to watch over the territory while you aren't there. The crew who owns it at that moment is marked whatever color they represent in that area. When under attack, it will start blinking that color the current crew owns it, but will fade rather quickly to the color of the crew attacking it. You also don't need to go as a crew if you want to take over, you can go with anybody in the crew or by yourself to take over.


-Crew links. If you and another crew are in an alliance, you can link your crews together meaning you can't kill the crew your linked to unless you unlink. Also, if that crew is in war with another crew, that marks that crew hostile to your crew as well. Also, if your taking another territory, that territory is also there territory, and you can take it over with the crew your linked to together.


-Crew safe houses. This means that your whole crew and the crews your linked to share on safe house if somebody on that crew marks it as a crew safe-house. But even though it's the whole crews safe house where they don't need to buzz there way in, they need the person who bought its permission.

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A floating plane to land on water.


House decor customisations.


Helipad on top of properties where possible, accessed by lift.


Content creator support for on-foot races


Content creator support for street games like foxes and hounds / hide and seek, etc.


Air strikes via waypoint marker on the map.


More missions for lvl80+


New island with high level quest hub rank 250+


Spray paint to tag up the city.


Persistent damage to vehicles carried over from missions, breaks the realism. More money from missions to cover this too.


Legit jobs like in single player... If I want to be a taxi driver full time I should be able to.




Grow houses, so I can grow something I can sell if undiscovered by others


Random city events... Feb 14th valentine day procession of floats that pass through the city.


Home invasions. If you are out in free roam and you house is attacked you get the option..."your house is under attack by X people. Do you want to defend?" With automatic warp back to your house if you choose to defend.


Running, jumping and smashing up your own house.


Stinger strips for vehicles


Switch blade wheels, for shredding tyres you bump into.


No friendly fire.


Arcade machines running gta1 on the pier and purchasable for homes.


A mechanic that isn't a twat that won't deliver if not on a major road


Lotto... With a chance to hit it big and win a jackpot of all the money put in by all the players playing.


1 x heat-seeking missile ammo or 5 normally RPG ammo.


Bouncy cars (3 wheel motion is it called?)


Outfit slots for my sexy chars various looks. When happy with my outfit combo I can save it and quickly switch to others.


Bowling ally with bowling game, teams, trophies for house, custom team shirts etc.


Floods that for a few in game days force you to fly or use boats.


Chop shops, so I can make an adder look like a different car for a price.


Cargobob container thefts, the amount you get for the container various. Occasionally you get something you can use in them. "This container contains an ATV do you wish to add it to your garage?"


Zip lines for building to building travel on foot.


Flash bang grenades, smoke grenades and signal flares


A yo-yo for fun when idle


Pets for defence and pick-up recovery only... No using them to attack other players offensively.


Glitches and exploiters when discovered by R* have there bank accounts hacked. Ill gained money removed and must spend minimum of 1 day in prison or until broken out by friends or crew. If broken out the have at least a 2 star wanted level for the duration of the sentence.


Tandem bikes bought from the website


Call the police to a location, handy it you are being hunted by others and want to drop them in the sh*t when they make the first move.


There is no end to what the can do R* but in this game I'm not sure, would prefer they added all this to the next online on next gen.


Please excuse some iphone typos

Edited by I_T_T_O

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I haven't read all these posts but I will list some things that might have already been mentioned.


Vehicle Tag: I posted a topic about this a little while ago. Point is, one vehicle is the "IT" vehicle. Objective, to be "IT" for the most amount of time. The other players try to tag the vehicle to become "IT". When a player gets tagged, there is a 5 second transfer timer to give the newly designated "IT" a chance to put space between him/her and soon to be pursuers. Time limits are between 10-30 minutes.


NOS boost: A one time use speed boost that can be refilled at any LSC or your personal garage. Should cost money to be refilled if you stop by LSC. Price, $500? Also, it should be disabled during races and missions.


Last one that I just thought of

Melee weapons to be used on bikes: I used to play a game on the Sega Genesis called Road Rash. It was a motorcycle racing game where you could use sticks and chains to attack other racers and knock them off their bikes.

Edited by Dasrouse

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I like alot of the ideas I've been reading so I thought I'd add one idea I don't think I've seen yet... I just want to be able to throw my knife. That would be amazing

Edited by UnbrokenChainz

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Cham Sonar

I realize some or most of these have been given, but I'd like to throw them out there anyway without spending the next hour or more reading through all of the previous posts.


I'd like to see Crew Emblem Tattoos. I was honestly surprised that they don't exist and I could really use one on my back for my Sons of Anarchy Crew Member.


Speaking of which, it'd be really great if we could get a leather vest clothing option or at least a solid black leather jacket without racing stripes. They have them in there for the NPC bikers, so I can only assume that maybe they're going to do some sort of Biker DLC like they're doing the Beach DLC and just waiting until they package it together. Probably the same with Tuxedos.


I'm a big fan of customizable housing but I realize it's not very likely, however it'd be nice to give us a few design choices like maybe lighting schemes, decorative trophies of some sort, or a few wall color choices.


What about female Avatar Cowboy Hats? Seems odd they have them for the male avatars but not the female.


I'd like to see a few more well thought out social hubs where players tend to gravitate toward. I'd especially like to see something like the Blimp Nightclub from Just Cause 2 with it's own Heli-pads and short runway. Maybe even some sort of constantly moving Cruise Ship or Air Craft Carrier that circles the map like the train does. They could do the same for a massive indestructible cargo plane that circles the map constantly but gives you the ability to board if you jump on to it from the tallest peak at just the right moment or are able to fly into it with a small plane without blowing up(should take major skill).


I'm hoping they can do some kind of skate board/surfboard/Mountain Board (whatever it would be called) thing as well. Biking is one of the more fun activities and skateboarding should not be too difficult if it's just a simple set of movements like the bike. Also the choppy water seems to lend itself to some sort of Boogie or Surf Board even if we could only just coast along. Lastly, one of the seemingly easier options would just be a board we could jump out of a plane with. It would be great if it worked to glide down mountain or hills too, but even just a cosmetic thing that shows up on the bottom of your feet and causes your avatar to stand in an approriate upright positions before and after the chute is pulled.


And of course, just like others have said, I really want to see more of the drawn out and complicated missions. I'm not really a fan of the competitive fetch and deliver missions, but would much rather see more of the ones where everyone has to pull together to make it work. More stuff like someone having to move the Semi out of the way so the Cargo plan can take off. They just need to give players more to do after they hijack a vehicle and are on their way to deliver it. Seems like it's too easy to just outrun anyone chasing you, or especially if it is a plane of helicopter.

Edited by Cham Sonar

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Car dealerships where I can go and test drive a car before I buy it.

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