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Better than GTA Vice City?


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I loved both games but I still consider Vice City to be much better but slightly. Vice City Stories DOES have the better soundtrack, it includes many songs that I remember my dad putting on the radio back in the early 2000's (those radio stations played the best 80 songs)
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Light Syde Riandy

With some additional features to provide more experience than original, I can't see why not.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Many of you most probably will not like my post, but VC is really the worst GTA of 3D era for me.

Some time ago I finally completed the main storyline for the first time, and after that it become all clear for me - I don't want to touch this game again in future. Never.

Hope VCS will left better memories, but I'm still waiting for VCS PC Edition ))

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  • 2 weeks later...
Kenneth Rosenberg

I would have enjoyed VCS more if it ran better especially on that east island the FPS on PS2 was garbage.

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Hard to say, I used to go for VC easily but now, I might pick VCS as the winner. The main thing that wins VCS over for me are the missions. They are much more challenging than the overall easy missions in VC. It also has more missions that are required to finish the story, if I remember correctly. The antagonist of VCS felt a bit weak though, lacks personality. The rest of the characters do make up for it and ties it with VC for me. The Empire Building system was also very impressive, a better version of the turf system of SA if you ask me. The other new side missions and swimming are great too.


VCS has some limitations which makes it less inviting to pick up and play. I really prefer keyboard + mouse especially for shooting (let's hope the VCS PC mod finishes one day) and the game also has no helicopters and few interiors.

Edited by Wolff
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B Dawg

No helicopters? Lol, this isn't GTA 3. Pretty sure the Hunter spawns at the airport at some point + one of the late game missions involve shooting an MG out of one.

Edited by B Dawg
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6 hours ago, B Dawg said:

No helicopters? Lol, this isn't GTA 3. Pretty sure the Hunter spawns at the airport at some point + one of the late game missions involve shooting an MG out of one.

Ah, looks like I confused a detail with LCS (I played both games after each other in a pretty short timespan)

Edited by Wolff
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  • 3 weeks later...

Story: Vice City

Weapons: Vice City Stories

Vehicles: Vice City

Music: tie

Features: Vice City Stories

Characters: Vice City

Map: Vice City


VC 5/7

VCS 3/7


But that isn’t to say VCS is a bad game. It’s good but there were some things that it didn’t do nearly as good as in Vice City like interiors. I know VCS had interiors, but they weren’t memorable like the Vercetti Estate, Malibu Club, Pole Position, and the Ocean View Hotel.

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Absof*ckinglutely better.

1984 -- they couldn't have picked a better year. This is the year of Beverly Hillls Cop, Police Academy, Terminator and Lethal Weapon. Michael Jacksons Thrilller, launch of MTV. Reagan! Vrock! lol

I had to get a new TV with better audio quality just to enjoy the radio stations.

Original Vice City never fully captured the 80s vibe for me. It was 1986 and to me it felt like GTA3 except for older car models.

VCS truly captures the 80s. I love it how they gave Phil a goatee, Lance got glasses and looked way cooler, Umberto got a longer hair,


Lance reminds me of this hacker guy played by Clarence Gilyard Jr in Die Hard.

And I like it that Lance has a bigger part in this game. In VCS hes got attitude while in VC hes just another sidekick, Philip Michael Thomas did a great job, considering he was like 50 or 60 at the time.


VC has a lot of Scarface references, but Vice City Stories really feels like Miami Vice and Cocaine Cowboys.


Original Vice City Im not a huge fan of. VCS improved on everything. Only problem that it never came out on PC.

Vice City Stories is my third favorite GTA after SA and V.


Lets take a look at some of the features of VCS:

  • You can swim
  • Paramedics helicopters, firefighter helicopters, police bikes
  • Exclusive bikes such as Streetfighter and Wintergreen
  • Improved draw distance
  • More neon lights at night
  • Better visual effects
  • Ship restaurants
  • Lifeguard missions
  • Overall nicer atmosphere
  • Golf
  • Better radio stations
  • More style


As a matter of fact, Im gonna start my PS2 and play some VCS right about now.

Edited by CountdownIIExtinction
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I completely agree with what CountdownIIExtinction said.


But there few things that make GTA Vice City is better than Vice City Stories.

1. Tommy Vercetti - I can't imagine Vice City (city itself) without thinking this badass motherf*cker.

2. Chainsaw - This is one of the most iconic weapons in 3D GTA titles. What the hell is that chainsaw in VCS? Is that toy?

3. Interiors - You can enter shops and houses without (or with short) loading, and able to see inside from outside. That makes the small city realistic. In VCS, they're closed door with light blue icon.

4. Various items appear at Ocean View Hotel and Vercetti Estate after finished missions. Also, VC has better hidden package rewards.


Overall, VCS is better.


Edited by Leone_Son
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  • 1 year later...
  • 4 weeks later...

I'm with LaslowshutsiloveslutS on the features that VCS has over VC; that about says it for me. The game is more of the time it represents (bright & neon!), while the VC world has that washed out look to it that GTA III had (it fit for that game, which is supposed to be more gritty), but re-skinned. Also, the missions are more multi-tiered (which threw me at first, then got used to it and loved it) and I think the Empire building is pretty awesome (it's the type of repetition that I really enjoy and lose myself in).

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  • 4 weeks later...

Both are great games in their own ways. The biggest advantage VCS has over VC is the ability to swim. Helps a lot where there is so much water in the map

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  • 2 months later...
Kiss My Fart

Both of games are great, and the reason why vcs can swim is vic vance was in the army, and the army peoples has ability to swim

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Not really. While its nice to be able to swim its overall weaker. Vic is a pussy compared to Tommy Vercetti and the whole "taking over the city" story doesn't fit him imho. Lance was also flanderized, way too goofy here. Empire building gets tedious fast as well.


Its still an enjoyable game and I like spending more time in VC but its nowhere near VC (a masterpiece)


Edited by FanEu7
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