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GTA V Section Changes

Recommended Posts


This isnt technically about GTA V but about this forum... There needs to be a week lock before a new account can post any threads or replies. Especially as we near the launch of GTA V and the amount of trolls is rediculous.


And when the game releases there should be a spoiler section, where people who have finished the game can discuss it and things in game.


No? Yes? Thoughts?

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Sorry but this is retarded. What about people who actually join to make useful threads?

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A week isn't that long...

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A week isn't that long...

If a week isn't that long, then why even bother?


Not all new members are trolls, and not all trolls are new members.


The best thing to do is to completely ignore them and stop making these "OMG SO MINNY TROLZ" threads. They feed off of it.


More IP bans might help a bit, but to be honest... the mods here do a great job. Much better than some other forums. They're fighting an endless uphill battle, and most of the time it's a thankless job for them.

Edited by basteroid

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First of all ostracizing new members isn't the way to go about it. It diminishes traffic, as soon enough people would get sick and tired of just watching unable to react, I mean why would you even join if you can't comment? You don't need an account to watch the forum. Believe it or not, but there are actually tons of good and contributive new members, whom are just here for the ride. Why should you keep them from contributing? Besides trolls are ferocious little f*ckers, they'll keep coming no matter how severe the restrictions a forum imposes. Only thing you can do, and I can't stress this enough is to: Report them and move on, do not feed them, do not react to them. This is a cardinal rule.


As far as the spoilers go I have a few tips to avoid them.


1. Download an image blocker add-on


Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/i...lhdhlmdldiiaajp

Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/image-block/

Safari: http://www.slicefactory.com/browser-extens...lock-safari/266


2. Look long and hard at a thread's title before clicking, often times the title gives away the content of the thread


3. Stay away from the V section


@basteroid IP Bans would be the perfect solution if there only were static IP addresses, that weren't subject to constant changing. But unfortunately a lot of people and also trolls have dynamic IP addresses, which means the IP address changes after an X amount of time, which completely defeats the purpose of IP banning, as it is 'designed' for static IPs.



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IP bans wouldn't be viable because not only there are people with dynamic IP's, but if moderators were to ban an IP range, they'd ban a whole ISP.

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ehh... i think 2 days would be good. Folks over in the LCPDFR Forums have a 2 day limit. Unless it was different forum. I can't remember.

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