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PS3 performance check

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I have been observing Grand Theft AutoIV since 2007. From 2008 to 2009 I played the game in 480p then when I upgraded to 720p (HDMI CABLE) I noticed the game looked a little better, episodes were a little sharper. Now just the other day I decided to mess with the Quality settings on my PlayStation 3. I tried up scaling to 1080P and the game looked awful, frame rate dropped immensely and so did textures, shadows, and bloom effect. I then changed the settings to 480p and I was shocked how much detail came back. I kept switching back from 480 to 720 and I learned that 720 has a nice bloom effect and better pixel quality however, the frame rate drops about 1/3 and there are less pedestrian and car spawns, (more glitches) . I was very surprised how much 480p makes a difference on GTAIV. The biggest difference I found out were, more people on the street engaged in conversations, the cops are harder to shake, and FIB will always spawn after you get a 4 star wanted level.



If you want your game to run smoother and you want objects to spawn correctly in game with less chance for glitches. I recommend you play on 480p.

- Also works for EFLC


- This will also enhance your game play online


- note(will disable bloom effect)


- will make your System CPU feel better smile.gif



Don't post any negative comments unless you try this setting



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