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Is it me or taxi missions get's tougher

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Ok this is like my 4th gameplay to 100% in Vice City and at least this and last time I had this feeling that Taxi missions get even thougher along the way. This time it all as quite easy to make until fare 25 and then the cabbie seemed to be less stable and for around fare 50 the fares seemed to get smaller and with a lot smaller times to complete them and around fare 75 bigger and also with smaller times to complete. Also the traffic seems to get more complicated at the higher levels.

Is it just me????

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I have not noticed any change in traffic density or handling. I actually completed a taxi mission yesterday. If you do the missions on the Mainland and use the straight road, you can build up buffer time from your first fares easily, to survive through periods when destinations get closer. The mission is quite easy on the mainland but also long and tedious, as half of the fares require driving all the way from north to south or back.

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Yeah I know I have completed it yesterday too again, but it really felt that way. Of course it was kind late when I did it it like you said it's kind of long and boring mission, but nevertheless it felt strange. The traffic thing actually I felt that what was increasing more than the traffic it self was the stolen vehicles showing up more often. And as I was aiming to 100 fares in a row without respraying the taxi in the middle it made be cautious on my driving. Maybe like I said it was just me...

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I think it makes the missions more exciting ! You're about to complete a ''20 in a row bonus'' you're cars beaten to hell the times running out, No time for a paint and spray you're just rushing to the destination to keep the mission alive !!!!!! I got a real rush from that. You want to get as many bonus's as possible because that's how you make good money.


That's why the taxi missions sucked on every other game. San andreas had the tip metre cool in theory awful in practice of course your going to crash into stuff when your trying to beat the clock losing money for playing that way is a buzz kill, In V I don't notice any 5 in a row bonus ect so that killed my vibe in that game too.


I enjoy taxi missions but the x amount of fares bonus is what keep you interested and makes it feel more like a challenge !!!

Edited by im_stoned

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