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American Horror Story

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Based on all the reactions about this season here I'm not sure if I would binge watch this season now. From what I heard the reviews are pretty mixed and usually negative, so I guess I'd rather watch a older season then watching this one and disappointing myself in the end and basically wasting my time on it.

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I kinda wish the last episode had just gone completely back to the old format instead of having

3 different shows within one episode

I also felt like some of the dialogue and writing and dialogue of the last two or so episodes was just a little bit cringeworthy and odd. Even the ending just felt a little too out of place. That's not to mention my inability to suspend my disbelief that such deaths would be shown on TV, particularly when suspenseful music is randomly being played in the background. I also just can't immerse myself in a world wheresuch a show would've have been a cultural phenomenon in modern day. Someone else on reddit mentioned that it might have made more sense if it was set in the 90s around the time the Blair Witch was released. I can suspend my disbeliefs for ghosts, but it would've been much better if we were watching footage being shown to a jury in a court case setting or something like that, It just felt unbelievable and cringeworthy.


It wasn't bad, I don't know, it was a fun season and a breath of fresh air to the series as a whole with the new format and faster pace, but maybe the pacing was a little bit too fast with a little too much happening, too many characters who didn't quite get their chance to be fully fleshed out. Now that we've had this oddball season, I hope the next season reverts back to the old convential format.

Edited by Ollie23

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Just finished LINK REMOVED. it was a fun season sure, but it could have been lot better (except the music), i think?

Edited by Kirsty

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I found that this season premier was one of the funniest episodes of AHS. I like the direction this is going and as someone who enjoyed last season of Roanoke, I'm already liking the vibe of this season way better than the previous.

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I'm always on board for some creepy clowns. Hopefully, they didn't base too much of the series on politics, though. That's risky, especially with the "new crisis every day" administration we currently have. Creepy clowns and wacky cults are a good start.

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I love it. Despite the creepiness of it all, the real life creepy clowns that started popping up last year, and then the backlash by actual clowns, was very entertaining to follow. I'm actually excited that this show might bring about a resurgence of that, and the clowns getting their asses kicked videos that followed.

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