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"Unhandled Exception" Upon entering malibu club

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After buying Vice city on steam awhile back, I decided to get a pirated 1.0 version of the game due to the fact that no trainer was compatible with the steam version no matter what I tried and steam overlay hated any cleo mod I tried to install.


This worked for awhile, I even used the timevault.scm file to pass two rc missions and two missions (Demolition man and dildo dodo) because they were hell for me on the xbox, and impossible for me on the PC.


So far, I got 82% into the game and last night I accomplished the printworks asset missions before calling it a night.


Today, I jumped on in to beat the Malibu missions (I wanted to save the final mission for... well... the finale...) only to suffer an "unhandled exception" bug upon entering the malibu. It just fails to load and gives me an error sound as the malibu card and black loading screen occurs before crashing to desktop.


Worried, I loaded a save from the previous day before I finished the printworks missions and, surprise surprise! I could enter the malibu club and beat the shootist mission! Saving, I went back, But, it crashed as I entered the malibu club again!


I tried deleting the GTA_VC.set file to start anew, I uninstalled everything CLEO (I only had a car spawner script installed at the time), I tried starting with compatibility mode and administrator mode and tried playing with and without any trainer, yet, it still crashes upon entering the malibu!


Suffice to say. I RAGED angry.gif


Is there any workaround for this?


I would hate to beat the rest of the game yet leaving the malibu missions and phil cassidy missions unfinished sad.gif


Specs -


Vista 64 bit SP2

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.50GHz

5.00 GB Single-Channel DDR2

Dell Inc 0PP150 motherboard

AMD Radeon HD 6670

488GB HD


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Sorry to tell you, but there are no workarounds for pirated games. If you really wish to mod it, buy the normal version. It shouldn't be too expensive. We're not allowed to help pirated games here.

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