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Pixelated textures.



Well, first my PC is: I5 3750k, RAM 8Gb DDR3, 650GTX 1GB GDDR5, Win 8.


And my prob is this:






How u can see, my textures are pixelated when i or the cam moves, no matter if it is the original or with mods, in the video and SS is with a pair of texture mods. When more resolution have the textures of 1 mod more pixelated looks.


Tests i've done with no result:


Change & combine the adjusts of GTA how , resolution/antialiasing/details etc.

Try with various streammemfix.

Reinstaling gta and erasing the user files folder.


And more i do not remember.


The point is that before i had another PC with 1 9800gtx+ and the game was pixelated equal. But when i buy this GTX650 not working (no signal) in the x16 slot of the motherboard, so i tried on the x4 and it worked. Lather i tried to run GTA SA to see if had any diference in the graphics and my surprise was that it looked great, without pixelation , but lagged because slower bandwhith. Now i have another mother and i run the GTX650 on the x16 slot, and the prob with pixelation on GTA SA persists.


Anyone have idea why this succes? tnx in advance.


PD: Sry for my bad english, i am catalan


EDIT: images 640x480 or LINK.

Edited by lil weasel

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