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GTAV Promotional Advertisements Thread


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Have yall seen this yet ? This is in Brooklyn. Its also one being prepared to be painted on Figueroa Hotel but i cant find the damn pic anymore


Trevor in NYC

user posted image

user posted image


Hotel Figueroa in LA


user posted image


user posted image


Various progress







Edited by Kirsty
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Trevor's face doesn't look right..

Yeah i said the same thing but the cover artwork mural kinda sucked on the faces too

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Nice find, yet there are still people calling out a delay.




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expect two more if its being painted on hotel fig.. im bout to go downtown right now

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Trevor's face doesn't look right..

could you pain a better face? no? didnt think so

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is that trevor?..

No it's Amanda...


OT: Awesome, I had been worried GTA V wouldn't have a full on marketing campaign, but I guess they are beginning now cool.gif

Hopefully one of Franklin and Michael is being painting as well.

Edited by Famous-CLS
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Trevor looks a bit too, uhm, sane in that mural.

Faces never looked well in murals, like the cover art mural for example, but Trevor is still looking like a good guy there, and I like it.

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Where are all the whiners about how marketing isn't being done/sucks, now?


I believe this is marketing. People are whining and meanwhile R* is putting up murals all over.


Some people's logic of marketing = R* giving me exactly what I want when I want it.


I hope this also makes it obvious to the people that are worried about a delay that there won't be one.

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King of the Mole-people

That looks like Grapeseed, correct?

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Does anyone know where they are painting it.

I think brooklyn

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