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ask for input

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hello all, I am actually embarrassed to post to the forums confused.gif , because it seems modifer here good at all, confused.gif I think this post is very strange for you to modifer bruiser like you (if so), confused.gifconfused.gif I'm sorry if my english not Fluent whatsthat.gif . I want to create a mission rolleyes.gif , which I think a lot of, 1 pack contains 10 missions and mission 1 more pack contains 10 missions. I gave it my mission theme with the theme a secret agent mission and I plan to give the theme of Before CJ came to San Andreas, and the picture Can you tell us a story before CJ came to San Andreas? I want to make it and be able to give input on my mission theme of "secret agent" may be added later on what actions such as object?, actors fit?, or perhaps an exciting story missions to play, how do you comment? and ask for input again have to like what the mission is confused.gif , I consider you as a director in the film icon14.gif , the core of this post is:


1. Can you tell me how is the City of san andreas before CJ came?


2. Can you give input to the theme "Mission Secret Agent" and before the CJ in san andreas?


3.How your comments about this my will?


If less obvious? maybe you can ask me again smile.gif


Oh! I have the right themed game screenshot Secret Agent , my first mission



user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image


how do you comment? confused.gif is weird? ehhh I would like to ask your input, your input is more valuable, perhaps I would appreciate your names in my mission, because I can not work alone, I am just a beginner.


i hope your understand what im saying....


if possible, can you share your DYOM mission here? because I want to see the creations you geniuses (I'm not going to edit or publish your mission your mission without permission) icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gifturn.gifsmile.gif


Edited by rachmad35

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