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"GTA 5 on PC" just shut up.

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Lately there's been a lot of hype going on about Grand Theft Auto five being on PC. I am here to show what I think about what all the PC fanboys are stiring up. First of all, these are my OPINIONS my personal OPINIONS on what's going on. Now let's get started. The PC fans have actually started a petition for gta 5 to be on PC. I think that if Rockstar were already planning a PC version of the game, it will do more harm than good for the PC version. My thoughts are that, if the petition succeeds and Rockstar actually WERE planning a PC version, they will make it sh*tty to prove their point. Now were onto the PC fanbase. Yes, you. You people who think that PC's the best gaming machine because of mods and graphics, sigh I'll get onto that after I finish with what I'm ABOUT to say. They all think that GTA 5 should be on PC and I think their willing to do anything to get it on PC. The thing is, it's most likely going to. I mean Rockstar released GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, GTA 3, and gta 4 along with all of its DLC's on PC, why would they not do the same with GTA 5? I'll leave you to figure that out. (I am voicing what I think about the snobby PC gamers right now so if you can't take a bit of criticism, I suggest you continue past the other bracket. Now I will continue. Most of the PC fanbase tend to sh*t all over the current gen consoles because they say stuff like, "PC is the best gaming system. That's a fact." I don't believe that and I will stick with my PS3 until the day it dies with only PC gaming as a secondary gaming system.)<----- [other bracket] Finally, on to what I think about GTA 5 on PC. I honestly couldn't give a f*ck whether they put it on PC or not because I'm getting the special edition for my PS3. Now for those of you wondering right now, "Well if you didn't give a f*ck, why make this post?" I made this post for the reason to silence at least a few PC fans. Now please just stop giving Rockstar a hard time. Their having enough trouble just making the game enjoyable, look at all the in-game features! Please voice YOUR opinion on this and feel free the leave a comment. Have a good day or night depending on where you are.

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Please go away and never post in this subforum again until you grasp its purpose.

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