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college football


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If you would've put a $100 parley on Pitts, Iowa and USC to win. It would've paid out just over $47k.. lol


Where's my 2000-2050 almanac? :p

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  • 4 weeks later...

Great game.



Gutsy to kick that pooch kick, though. Never saw that before lol

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I Love Anna Kournikova

once Bo went down, the Alabama offense had a hard time staying on the field. Defense got tired, Clemson took over. Great game though.

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Boomer Sooner! Baker sticking the OU flag in the middle of Ohio State's field was awesome. Hopefully the Sooners can continue to play at a high level like this.


Pretty strange they couldn't perform like that with the weapons they had last season.

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Im kind of happy the Tide didnt completely dominate last night. Its kind of boring when they put up 50-60 points over the other team. Last night was the most exciting game of the year.

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what? you shouldve watched the OU/OSU game last weekend... that game stressed me the hell out.


Interested to see what the playoff committee conjures up tonight. Im thinking they leave OU at 5 and move Wisconsin and Miami into the top 4.

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As an Alabama fan, you learn to be nourished off of the hate of everyone else. I didnt get that thanksgiving feast at the Iron Bowl. But right now the feast is on.

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you call it being a hater. I call it being a realist. If it was Alabama in Auburns shoes, Alabama would still be #4 in the playoff. The SEC, especially Alabama, is heavily favored by the media it just makes the rest of the country hate every SEC team. Its an overrated conference who gets wayyy to much credit.


Vegas odds have OU as favorites, but Ive seen a lot of sports media talking about that Georgia, SEC defense. Pretty sure OU heard about that SEC defense last year with Auburn and with Alabama 3 years ago. I hope Alabama beats Clemson just so OU could smoke them again.

Edited by DOOM!
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  • 2 weeks later...

Sad news out of Washington State. Tyler Hilinski, QB, was found dead after an apparent suicide. He would of likely been their starter next year. Tragic news, RIP.

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God I hate Alabama football, but Nick Saban is so damn good at what he does. It was a amazing move to put in a freshman, TRUE FRESHMAN, and for it to pay off. Makes Saban look like mad genius, he is literally the madgod of college football, and there is really no stopping the guy. He could easily rule CFB for another 20 years.

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