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This mod enables you to control the game as you see fit.

In game press CTRL + M to active(not on mission).You'll be given 9 options to change as you like.

The first step here is to choose your favorite one and press ENTER THEN press [ or ] to cycle though every thing and \ to change their value and END if you're done












In here you can toggle 4 of your player's flag

Ignore flag As its name suggests, your player will be ignored by everyone, normal peds, cops, etc as if you were invisiable.If you punch anyone they will act like they are on guard but they won't see you.Car still stop when you are in front of them though.Be aware that you should set the flag on after config everything as other configs WILL remove this flag

Immune flag Your player will not take damage caused by ANY peds but still can damage himself such as falling or drowning.If you happen to change the gang's weapon to rocket launcher or explosion they can hurt you as those weapon is only available to the player in the game without cheat.

Wanted LevelConfig your own wanted level.If you happen to exceed the Max Wanted Limit your wanted will be set to the maximum limit.So if the limit is 4 and you set it to 6 then you'll only get 4 as the result.

Bleeding flag Just like the patient in Paramedic mission, your health won't be drain so don't worry.I add this flag for fun.Blood will be dropped as the player walking


Goverment (I can't think of any better name)

Max Wanted Level Tired of the fact you can't get 6 stars until you have unlocked all the city?Or you just want a quiet day without those stupid cop.Then you can set it.Change it to 0 if you don't want any police attention or 6 to try and obtain Rhino early

City Unlocked The number of cities you can visit LEGALLY.Note that change the value higher than the current city you have unlocked will NOT repair the damage bridge in either of those island or enable traffic.It just trick the game.If you die in Stauntion Island then you'll be spawned in the Staunton Island's hospital instead of Portland.Value

1.Just Portland.If you happen to go to other islands and die you will respawn in Portland

2.Portland and Staunton Island.

3.Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale

Free Garage ServiceDrive a car to a Pay 'n' Spray or a bomb shop to repair/destroy your car for free

Ghost townSet it to 1 to diable all traffic and ped.0 to restore.Police car still drive around for some reason.


All other gangs config

Weapon 1 and 2 You can change the gang's weapon.Each gang has 2.The value is as follow:

0 hands

1 Bat

2 Pistol

3 Uzi

4 Shotgun

5 ak47

6 M16

7 sniper

8 Rocket launcher

9 Flamethrower

10 Moltov

11 Grenade

12 Detonator [lol =))]

Car You can change the car that the gang are driving.Each gang only drives 1.I have understand the fact that you guys have to waste time looking for vehicle's ID for car spawner so the value is the name of the car.It is possible to go backward with / as well.Some car are blocked from being chosen(airtrain, deaddodo, escape, police chopper).Also please don't choose boat either.Feel free to pick the Rhino.

HateSome gangs are extremely annoying.They always attack you and cost you a mission or something.Especially Mafia with Shotgun when you are trying to do Paramedic mission.Set it to 0 and if the gang hates you it will be removed and 1 for getting ass kicked everytimes


Temporary link:





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So this is kinda in-game Admin Console? Nice. I like it.

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So this is kinda in-game Admin Console? Nice. I like it.

Thanks biggrin.gif I put a lot of time and effort on it.

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For III? mercie_blink.gif


I love it! lol.gif

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For III? mercie_blink.gif


I love it! lol.gif

Yes it is

Version 2 will give you the ability to change the gang's ped skin and player as well.I will use the ID but will spawn the ped model nearby for you to test > biggrin.gif


Feel free to pick the Rhino.

I just remember if you try to spawn Rhino in traffic the game crashes

Edited by gtaloconbest98

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Evil empire

I love this mod, playing GTA 3 is largely more agreable with it, thanks for this wonderful work.

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