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Which Vehicle Do You Prefer?

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  • gts.


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  • PhillBellic


Top Posters In This Topic

Popular Posts

You're in the GTA III section, Vikki-Suicide. If you want to rate Vice City vehicles go here.   Anyway, to answer your question...Infernus.   Yakuza Stinger or stock Stinger?

Perennial.   Esperanto or Idaho?

Holy f*ck phill I swear half of the posts in these threads for every gta are you you look like an idiot trying to up your post count

Recommended Posts

Yakuza Stinger


Bobcat or Patriot?

In my opinion they both kinda suck, but I would go with the Bobcat.


Mr Whoopee or Rumpo?

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98 in 1

Yakuza Stinger. It would be closer if the Yardie Lobo's hydraulics sounds weren't annoying as hell (to me at least).


Triad Fish Van or Mule?

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Both are nice but the Idaho looks better to me.


Dodo or (subway) Train (as a means of traveling between islands)?

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Mr. Wongs Van. I really dislike the Triad Fish Van. I wouldn't say 'hate', because every vehicle in GTA III is special in it's own way. They are all really memorable.


Patriot or Cartel Cruiser?

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Arsen Vitiuk

Mafia Sentinel forever! Man, I love that car!


Diablo Stallion or Cartel Cruiser?

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Well, no idea.... Stallion


Infernus or Cheetah?

I love the both but i am going with infernus.


police boat (forgot the name but it's starting with p) or Ghost??

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