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Which Vehicle Do You Prefer?

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Popular Posts

Do you realise this topic regards to VC ones or you've just mistaken the board? But even if it'd be in, I guess still Cheetah.   Trashmaster or Barracks OL?

Did you read the rules?   Mesa Grande or Cuban Hermes?

Skimmer. Sand king or Hot Ring Racer?

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The Voodoo. I took both black cars, but I'm glad the Romero disappeared from my garage. I don't understand having a car that is built specifically to serve death, and didn't like to drive it. The Voodoo is a better car than its flat shape would suggest.


Cabbie or Taxi?

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Taxi so I can listen to vcpr and do the taxi missions cool.gif


Blista compact that car was a beast. I'm sorry but this car is underrated it deserves some credit. Decent speed, Great handling, It could take a good amount of damage, It was just a really good car overall. My favourite car in vice city hands down


Blista compact or the sea plane

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Blista compact or the sea plane

I guess you mean the Skimmer. And of course my choice is the skimmer as it's a great plane that can land on water.

Just the height limit of Vice city ruins the fun a little but I guess it's because of the small map. The map looks really small from above when I deactivated the height limit...



RC Baron or RC Bandit?

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Taxi so I can listen to vcpr and do the taxi missions

Actually there is the "Cabbie" without the Kaufman logo ("Kaufman Cab"), and it plays the normal set of radio stations. The Cabbie seems to be rarer.


user posted image


RC Baron. More space in the air for its wild handling than on the ground.


Banshee or Stinger?

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Sabre Turbo. The boosted performance of the Hermes doesn't match its appearance; and it loses some of its good handling at slow speed, and the tires are once again burned upon braking.


Taxi or Police Car?

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I prefer the police car because, It has more style, you get a shotgun when you enter one and because cars will get out of your way when you turn on the sirens.


Banshee or Sanchez

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